Beyhadh 2, 30 March 2024 Episode: Maya Poisons Vikram, MJ Speeds Search

Beyhadh 2 episode starts with Maya poisons Vikram, MJ rates chase yells on the death of her mother. She never envisioned she will be left by Nandini.

She’s her memories back on account of this injury that is shocking. She breaks. She can not endure the pain of the departure of Nandini. She returns to her avatar of Maya. She creates a plan.

She knows her enemies as well as a means to shield herself. Vikram does not uncertainty on Maya. She recalls her past that is shady. She gets her memories of Rudra and Rishi.

She did not desire her back to be compelled by Vikram. She regrets to deceive Vikram, who’ve her a brand new identity of Jaisingh. She didn’t anticipate Vikram to kill Nandini and Rajeev. She feels sorry for Rudra.

On the flip side, Rudra discovers that Maya is hiding in her house and calling for assistance. Mrityunjay asks him to not run after signs Maya could mislead them. He informs that Maya will trick them to input a few snares and is extremely smart. Rudra and he agree.

For locking up her Maya vents her rage on Vikram out. He has relieved she did not see the departure of Nandini. Maya tells Vikram there could be no love without religion. She seeks solace in his or her company. She asks if he desires her love him to treat her nicely. Vikram falls in the trap of her tears.

She intends to teach a lesson to him. She informs that she needs a life just like normal couples do. She claims to take him. About watching her acting ordinary Vikram gets. He lies about Nandini to her. She tells that she’ll make a dessert.

He’s grateful to her. The design expert informs Rudra the handwriting does not match with Maya. Rudra gets anxious to locate Maya. Mrityunjay likes to watch Rudra’s hatred for Maya. He needs Rudra to have patience.

He gets the handwriting expert lie to Rudra, realizing the handwriting is of Maya. He informs he does not wish to drop another and has lost a boy.

He does not wish to eliminate Rudra in his struggle. He decides to see with Maya in her property. Whilst building a strategy Maya makes the apple pie. Mrityunjay visits the home of Maya.

Vikram is met by him. Hides out of him. He is hated by her for putting her to this wreck that is new. Vikram functions to Mrityunjay. Vikram informs him he has purchased Maya’s home. Mrityunjay supposes that Maya is hiding there and does not get persuaded by Vikram.

Afterward toxins Vikram to kill him. Can Vikram behave to choose the game beforehand, or really absorb the toxin and die? How will the Maya be reached by Mrityunjay? Stay tuned to Logical Daily.

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