Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27 March 2024 Episode 125: Junaid Calls the Jinn

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27 March 2024 Episode 125 Written Update: Parvin Shoots the Jinn.

The episode starts with Junaid pushes her second wife Rubina.

Junaid goes to jinn with his first son Aman. Aman’s mom and grandma follow Junaid.

Junaid reaches Jinn’s place with Aman and calls the Jinn, the Jinn appears in the clouds with a huge body.

Junaid’s wife, sister and mom are about to shoot Junaid. His sister drops. Parvin and Mom goes ahead and opens fire and shoots Junaid.

Mom also shoots the jinn but it won’t effect the jinn. Surprisingly Rubina enters the spot and shoots the jinn and it effects the jinn and jinn disappears from there.

Rubina says only rust and gold mixed bullets can affect jinns.

Junaid dies from the bullets he has been fired.

Junaid realizes at the last movement, that he has been running behind the money in his entire life he asks his mom to save her, but she couldn’t.

Junaid dies at the spot.

In next episode promo, Aman sees in his dream that Roshni’s been attacked in various ways. Stay tuned to next episode at Logical Daily.

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