Barrister Babu 5th October 2024 Written Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Update: Barrister Babu 5th October 2020 Daily Series Begins With…Sampoorna Doesn’t Need Anirudh To Marry Saudamini In Any Cost.

She Couldn’t Watch Bondita’s Marriage Breaking Because Of Her. She Wants To Meet Anirudh & Tell Him The Overall Fact.

Even In case, The Fact hurts Her Marriage. She Isn’t Scared Of Losing Saurabh As of now.

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From She Feels Much Guilty By Her Younger Sister’s Big Sacrifice.

She Couldn’t Let Bondita Face The Threatening Humiliation In The Village Because Of Her. She Knows Bondita Is Tolerating Everything.

& Still Maintaining Silence To Keep The Assure. She Feels Indebted To Bondita. She Approaches The Haveli When Saurabh Requests Her To Work (5) In The Engagement Preparations.

Saurabh Limits Her From Talking To Anirudh (or) Anybody Else Regarding Bondita. Sampoorna Gets Determined To Locate A Opportunity To Approach Anirudh.

She Tries To Avoid The Different Family (4) Members To Locate Anirudh Alone. Sampoorna Struggles A Lot & Finally Approaches Anirudh. Saudamini Devises For Her Engagement Function.

She Is Quite Happy To Watch Anirudh. She Gets Decked Up As The Bride. The Dancer Is Witnessed Performing In The Engagement Function. She Is The Same Lady Rasila.

Whom Bondita Helped In The Village, When No 1 Else Had come Forward To Hand Over A Glass Of Water To The Needy.

Rasila Performs In The Rich Landlords’ Party. Saudamini Likes The Grand Arrangements & Is All Smiling. She Hides The Happiness From Anirudh, From She Plays The Same Drama Of Blindness In Front Of Him.

She Wants Anirudh To Not Go Anywhere & Sit With Her.

Saudamini Tries Various Ways To Gain His own Attention & Sympathy.

Anirudh Feels Uneasy To Watch The Engagement Celebrations, From His own Heart Misses His own Spouse & Friend Bondita.

Rasila Happens To Really know That Anirudh Is Bondita’s Spouse. She Stops His own Engagement. She Reminds Anirudh Regarding His own Vows To Bondita In The Time Of Marriage. She Informs Him That He Has Abandoned Bondita & Forgot All His own Assures.

That Resulted In Bondita’s Humiliation In The Village. Anirudh Is Stunned To Really know Regarding Bondita’s Massive Problems. Sampoorna Apologizes To Anirudh. She Discloses The Fact To Him.

She Informs Him That Bondita Had Lied Because Of Her. She Informs That Bondita Had Gone To Brijvasi To Safeguard Her Sister’s Marriage, Brijvasi Fooled Both Of Them By His own Sugary Words, Bondita Is Innocent.
Anirudh Is Shifted On Knowing The Fact Of Bondita’s Assure To Sampoorna. He Rushes To Meet Bondita.
He Takes A Cycle To Drive His own Way To Her. He Leaves The Engagement & Also Saudamini Behind, To Keep His own Assure To Little Bondita.

Update in progress. Stay tuned.

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1st daily episode date: 11 Feb 2024
Production spot: Mumbai (Bombay), India(In)
No. of series: 87
Instructed by: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Networks: Colours TV, Viacom 18

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