Barrister Babu 3rd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Barrister Babu 3rd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Rasiya requesting Anirudh to go. Bondita states no. Anirudh states you aren’t under God for me, I got Bondita by your support. Rasiya states no, I m not a God, I’ve becomes a person today,

I’ve lived my personal life, its much for me in case I sacrifice my personal life for remaining, in case the ladies gain free from this hell, I’ll be glad, just go, assure me, you’ll give them a great personal life. He assures. She states Bondita, you also assure me.

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Whatever happens, you won’t let these ladies watch the hell again. Bondita assures that everybody going to gain a great personal life, they’ll gain their own own home. Everybody cries.

Rasiya states I dream that the ladies gain their own house, just go in case you respect me, go fast & safeguard all of them, I could pass away in peace today.

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She states I’ve witnessed numerous, however not a person like you, you respect ladies, I wish each son, brother, spouse & dad is like you, afterwards no lady going to be urged into such hell, I salute you, I’ve witnessed a light in you, keep this light glowing, it’ll bring a light in numerous lives.

I’ll pray that you both stay together all the time, your relation stays powerful, you stay as strength for every different, your relation stays unbreakable, I’ll pray for you, go as of now. Anirudh states no, come with us. She states just go for Bondita’s sake. They go out & cry. Tara shouts catch them, they shouldn’t run.

The guards gain up. Tara states I’ll not spare them today. Rasiya states your dream won’t gain fulfilled. Bondita runs to Rasiya & cries. Rasiya hugs her. She locks the door. The person requests the guards to pull the door.

Anirudh & everybody begin leaving. Rasiya smiles. Tara stabs Rasiya using the door. Anirudh & everybody watch this. Rasiya falls down. Bondita & Anirudh shout.

Tara goes to stab her again. Rasiya fights with the sword. She gets up. Anirudh & everybody look on from far. Rasiya states freedom isn’t an easy thing. She problems Tara.

She states today this Raavan & the lanka going to burn together. She makes the candles fall. Anirudh & Bondita come racing. The fire catches the curtains. Tara gets stunned. The place burns. Anirudh & everybody gain stunned.

Bondita cries for Rasiya. Anirudh states no, when a soldier imparts personal life for fact, you shouldn’t cry, you must bid farewell with respect, I assure her, a new biography going to be written by her sacrifice.

They all salute Rasiya’s bravery. Anirudh holds Bondita’s hand & takes her. They leave.

Anirudh & Bondita come house. Bondita cries seeing Sumati. He requests won’t you hug her, go. Bondita hugs Sumati. Sumati & Bondita cry. Sumati requests where did you go. Bondita states Calcutta. She informs everything.

Sumati hugs her. She gratitude Anirudh for getting Bondita back. She states you’re actually her protector, you’ve finished your work today. He states I’d expelled her from that home, forgive me. She states I’d forgiven you the day when you agreed your error, I could just bless you.

He states Bondita demonstrated much courage, each lady going to gain equal place like a person in case everybody shows courage like Bondita. Bondita states this going to actually happen 1 day.

Rishta tera mera….plays… Sumati states we’ll make prasad & celebrate Durga puja. Bondita states however its diwali coming. Sumati states my Durga has come house, I’ll accomplish puja. They smile.

Mama & Mami come & watch Bondita. Mami gets tensed. Sumati states Anirudh got her. Bondita states that person wasn’t great, he lied to Mami. Mama looks in Mami. Anirudh states it means you understood it & sent Bondita to hira mandi. Mami states no, I didn’t really know anything.

Anirudh states I really know it well, you have been counting amount that day when I had come in. She states I’d taken loan. Anirudh requests are you not tired of lie, Bondita destroyed her marriage to safeguard Sampoorna’s marriage, she got offended, you did this with her for her goodness. He scolds Mami.

Mama states yes, she’s cunning, she named that person, she lied to me that she’s sending Bondita for labour work. Sumati requests just how could you accomplish this, you’re also a daughter’s mum, in case you stated, I’d have gone somewhere else with my daughter, you’ve finished so unfair. Sumati also scolds her.

Mama rises hand. Bondita states no, its not great to rise hand on spouse, don’t accomplish this unfair thing. Sumati requests Mami to watch Bondita, she’s a big heart. Mama apologizes to Anirudh.

He states in case Saurabh knows this, afterwards Sampoorna’s entire family going to break. Bondita requests could I let this happen, we won’t tell anything. Anirudh smiles. Mama scolds Mami. He apologizes to Sumati.

He states I’ll accomplish a work of a great brother & uncle from as of now. He requests Mami to apologize to them else she won’t have any place in his own home.

Mami apologizes. Bondita requests Sumati to forgive her. She states forgiving is a sign of our courage. Anirudh smiles.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 3rd November 2024 / (3-11-2020)

First episode date: 11 February 2024
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 87
Directed by: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Colors TV: 8:30 pm(IST)
Colors TV HD: 8:35 pm (IST)
Colors TV HD: 7:35 am, 8:35 pm
Colors TV: 7:35 am, 8:35 pm

Barrister Babu Cast:

  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Aura Bhatnagar
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Aurra Bhatnagar Badon

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