Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Daily episode Begins With Raj Coming There & Requests In case We Are Not Important. Abhi Gets Happy & Hugs Him. He States My Family (4) Have Come. Mitali Comes With Tai Ji & Dasi & Requests In case Nobody Going to Accomplish Their own Aarti. Abhi Gets Happy & Requests In case She Spies Even As of now.

Dasi Complains To Abhi Regarding Granting Her Side Of Love To Dadi. Abhi States I Have Place For You Too & Hugs Her. Dasi States My Place Is Quite Expensive & You Could’t Give It To Anybody. Abhi Informs That Pallavi Has been Shouting As In case Mountain Fallen Down. Rhea Comes There & Aaliya & Pallavi. Pallavi Requests Just how Has been My Surprise?

Aaliya States You Scared Us, You Stated That There Is A Big Issue, However It Is A Great Surprise. She States I Could Watch Mitali Bhabhi Here. Abhi States It Is Such A Big Surprise, My Dadi & Mom Have Repatriated, It Seems Everything Stopped, However As of now It Seems Everything Going to Begin Again. Vikram Takes The Credit Of Bringing Them Here. Raj States I Have Persuaded Dadi. Mitali Informs That She Had Persuaded Dadi’s Bahu To Send Her With Them. Abhi States I Got (1) My Answer.

Everybody Laughs. Vikram States I Didn’t Let Anybody Meet Directly & Requests My Spouse To Surprise Everybody. Beeji Informs That She Has Hidden Them Inside. Ranbir States He Needs To Go To College & States Bye. Abhi States He Has To Go To Bangalore.

Tai Ji States Just how Could You Go Today. Ranbir Leaves. Rhea Also Leaves. Aaliya Hopes Truck Driver Does The Work (5) Well. Rhea Is In The Car & Recalls Everything.

She States I Going to Not Let You Propose Her, She Initiated Liking You & Your Family (4) Liking Her. She Imagines Neither Prachi Going to Be Saved Nor Ranbir’s Expectations. Someone Knocks On Her Car Door. Ranbir Comes To The Shop With Aryan & Informs That He Going to Purchase Card For Her. Aryan Requests Going to You Just Purchase Card? Ranbir States He Going to Propose Her With Flower. They Go To Card Shop.

Shahana & Prachi Come To College In Auto. Shahana Requests What Ranbir Stated Last Night. Prachi Recalls His own Words & Informs That He Informed Regarding Temp.

Shahana Informs That Ranbir Going to Propose You Today On Rose Day & Whole College Going to Watch. Rhea Requests Truck Driver To Hit Prachi With Truck & Informs That She Has Kept Double Amount For Them. Driver Shows Her Prachi’s Pic To Affirm. Rhea States Ok & Requests Him To Go.

Ranbir Purchases The Card & Informs That He Going to Propose Her In Such A Way That She Could’t Reject.

He States When She Comes Inside, Afterwards Flower Rain Shall Happen. Aryan States You Love Her So Much. Ranbir States I Am Mad In Love With Her. Rhea Sees Ranbir Awaiting Outdoor The College Holding The Bouquet.

She States I Have Right On These Flowers & I Don’t Give My Right To Anybody. She Sees Prachi Coming There & Requests Truck Driver To Hit Her & Escape From There.

Prachi & Ranbir Watch Every Different & Wave Hi. Subhan Allah Plays….Truck Driver Speeds Up The Truck. Prachi Moves Towards Ranbir & Is Smiling. Ranbir Sees Truck Regarding To Hit Her. The Truck Driver Hits Her & She Falls Down Far On The Road Wounded. Ranbir, Aryan & Shahana Gain Stunned Seeing Her Cunning On The Road Wounded. Ranbir Throws The Bouquet In Air & Rushes To Her.

He Cries Requesting What Has Happened? The Flowers From The Bouquet Falls On Her. Prachi Faints Looking In Him. Ranbir, Aryan & Shahana Cry. Ranbir Requests Her To Gain Up & Locates His own Hand Soaked In Her Blood.

Rhea States I Going to Support You Ranbir. Ranbir Shouts Requesting For Support & Sees Rhea’s Car. He Requests Rhea To Open The Door & Requests Her To Drive. Shahana Requests Her To Please Drive. Rhea Drives The Car Unwillingly. Ranbir Is Holding Her In His own Arms & Requests Her To Open Her Eyes. Prachi Opens Her Eyes. Ranbir States Nothing Going to Happen To You, Once We Approach Hospital (3), You Going to Be Fine. Shahana Calls Pragya & Informs That Prachi Met With An Crash & Is Senseless & Bleeding. She Informs That Ranbir Is Taking Her To Hospital (3). Pragya Is Stunned & Reports Sarita Behen. They Rush To Hospital (3).

Ranbir & Shahana Rush Prachi To Hospital (3) Awhile Rhea Is Also There. Shahana Requests Ranbir To Leave Prachi’s Hand & Let Them Take (2) Her To OT. Ranbir States Nothing Going to Happen To You & Cries. Prachi Is Taken To OT. Rhea Hugs Him & Imagines I Am So Sorry To Wound You, However I Am Helpless.

I Could’t Watch You With Prachi. Shahana Requests Ranbir Not To Cry & States She Going to Be Fine. Ranbir Is Regarding To Make A Call. Rhea Tries To Block Abhi & Informs That He Is Going To Bangalore & Going to Not Come Here. Ranbir Calls Abhi. Abhi Picks The Call. Ranbir Informs That Prachi Met With An Crash & Informs That He Has Witnessed Truck Driver’s Face & Also Saw The Number.

He Requests Abhi To Gain The Truck Driver Captured. Abhi States I Am Cancelling My Gathering & Going to Come There. Rhea Requests What Did Dad Say? Ranbir States What Accomplish You Think That He Going to Not Come? He States Chief Has Postponed His own Gathering & Coming For Prachi.

Truck Driver Informs That Rhea Instructed Us To Accomplish Crash, However Afterwards She Taken Prachi To Hospital (3). The Different Person Informs That God Is The 1 Who Is The Saviour.

He States She Might Have Taken Prachi So That Nobody Questions Her. Truck Driver States We Didn’t Gain The Amount & Requests Him To Bring His own Phone To Call Rhea From Truck. Shahana Cries. Ranbir Requests Her Not To Cry & States Nothing Going to Happen To Our Prachi, She Going to Be Fine.

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