Barrister Babu 11th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Brijvasi’s evil intention revealed

Today’s daily episode begins with Bondita & Sampoorna hiding from all tries to flee from that home. However Trilochan arrives the home simultaneously.

He sees the big basket in the hall. Bondita & Sampoorna gets scared. Trilochan imagines Bihari forgot to keep baskets in the place. He calls him & scolds him for not functioning correctly.

Bihari states to Trilochan he’ll keep the baskets in its place. Bondita imagines they’ll be captured. She voice like a cat & dog. Bihari & Trilochan both leave the place.

Sampoorna & Bondita dashed out from that home. There, Brijvasi sees citizens coming to take (2) the blessing from Lord Krishna. Brijvasi requests the devotees to await for a awhile, until his own talking Krishna eats the meal.

Brijvasi makes the Lord Krishna’s idol to have meal. Followers awaits to gain their own answers from Brijvasi’s talking Krishna. Meantime, Brijvasi sees the place where idol is kept shakes.

Different side, Bondita & Sampoorna make their own way to meet Brijvasi. Sampoorna gets tired & states to Bondita to repatriate house however Bondita drags her to meet Brijvasi to locate the resolution of her issue.

There, Brijvasi reveals that he fools the devotee, by creating a child to voice-over like Krishna & answers their own query. Child states to Brijvasi that he could’t survive within the dark room as there is no air.

Birjvasi enforces child to full today’s session else he’ll lose all this amount. He discloses by doing this he’s earning amount from that blind followers. Child faints & Brijvasi imagines to search for new child who could becomes Lord Krishna voice & support him fool the devotees.

Ahead, Bondita & Sampoorna learn the Trilochan with Bihari is also going to meet Brijvasi. Sampoorna requests Bondita to repatriate. Bondita states without taking the answer from Brijvasi’s talking Krishna she won’t go.

Sampoorna states afterwards they’ll conceal & 1st listen to remaining. Here, Brijvasi imagines to locate the suitable voice for Krishna. He over-hears Bondita & Sampoorna’s talk.

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