Pavitra Bhagya 27 July 2024 Episode Written Update: Spark Between Reyansh & Pranati

The daily episode of Pavitra Bhagya 27 July 2024, we watch that Jugnu is hospitalized & we all really know that she sees a mysterious lady over there who wants to wound her. Reyansh hugs Pranati & she states I’m doing this in order to show Jugnu. Jugnu wakes up & afterwards requests what happened to her & why is she here. Pranati imagines she has been prepared to live again with her daughter however why he had come into her personal life again. She imagines she felt something great & love again. A mysterious lady comes to the room of Jugnu where Pranati & Reyansh have been sleeping. She states ghost ghost & afterwards that lady fled far away.

Pavitra Bhagya Written Updates 27 Jul 2024

Within the latest daily episode of Pavitra Bhagya 27 Jul 2024 starts with Navya also become conscious. Ray’s brother comes & requests just how is she. She states I’m fine. Jugnu comes house & afterwards begins acting what happened over the hospital (3). She states some of the ghost had come there.

Although, within the hospital (3) Reyansh went after that lady however she runs far away & he has been unable to catch her.

For extra updates of Pavitra Bhagya written updates stay tuned with us. Reyansh comes & requests what happened why you’re so upset & sad. Pranati states who has been that mysterious lady.

Reyansh states we shouldn’t worry extra regarding that. They both begin fighting. Pranati requests him to be severe some time. Housemaid & Jugnu watch Pranati & Reyansh fighting. Pranati has been so scared as she sees CCTV footage.

Navya talks to her brother & states why Pranati did give her blood. Ray’s brother comes with the beer & afterwards requests her to drink this. Navya states I hate that Khurana family (4) & I don’t need to watch them.

He becomes restless. Navya requests what accomplish you accomplish. He states that we’ve milk business. Navya states that you’re milkman. He begins flirting with her & states you’re so hot. Jugnu comes within the room & states she’ll not drink this medicine. Jugnu runs far away.

Reyansh plays video footage games & Pranati requests him to talk to Jugnu as she’s not eating drinking anything. Reyansh states that’s why he didn’t marry her as each wedded person remains depressed.

He shows her chips. He states that you’re hungry & you must eat something afterwards only you’ll be able to concentrate. Jugnu afterwards scared her dadi. For extra Pavitra Bhagya written updates 27 Jul 2024 daily episode stay tuned with us.