Baarish 1st April 2024 Episode Update: Asmi’s Surprise

Baarish 1st April 2024 Episode Written Update: Marriage Ingredients.

Asmi excitedly opens door to get Aniket if he returns from work and states surprise… He’s astonished to see Shreya in sari. Sari hugs him stating its her looks that are post-marriage. Aniket feels timid. She states she missed his deo odor. Papa remarks its talcum powder odor.

Gauravi enters next, if she said yes to mota bhai/Anuj and Shreya inquires. Gauravi nods no. Shreya walks off. If he said anuj’s mother asks her. He states he’s organized family day celebration for his workers and says . Gauravi is asked by asmi can she say. Mother warns her to act with sister. Aniket remarks that Asmi is worried to maximize the fan after of her instagram.

When he can remain without Shreya gauravi inquires Aniket. He says forget about her. Shreya that great she isn’t quitting digger Anuj is told by rishi, he’ll discover her boys of the course. They are joined by anuj Shreya leaves. Rishi says he explained digger Anuj to not be married by Shreya.

Anuj says they’re not covetous and great people. Rishi says that they won’t reveal their true colours. Gauravi calls inquires if Shreya is nice and Anuj. He invites her and says yes.

Party begins. Anuj waits for her loved ones along with Gauravi. He describes his customer he used to delight in vada pav and employed to deliver products riding bike he sensed after having vada pav same.

Mother asks whom did he move with as he never gets anything. He cried remembering Gauravi. Gauravi with household Anuj watching her greets them and walks into them and enters orders waiter to look after them.

Father walks. Shreya dismisses her rudely, although asmi waves Shreya seeing her. Party continues. Mother asks her kids to talk a few words and goes on point. His high profile clients are thanked by rishi while Anuj in phrases that are simple thanks his workers and provides them credit for the achievement of business phoning them.

Everybody yearns for him. Sohrab and zenia input and triumphed Anuj to present them. He says she’s busy with her loved ones, but if Zenia insists that he stands conversing with her and walks into Gauravi.

Zenia wiht Sohrab scolds Anuj for not introducing them to Gauravi and walks into them. Anuj says they’re his pals that are old. He calls her Genia although zenia says old. When bonding is powerful gauravi states, words do not matter and imperfection makes connections more stronger.

She leaves and excuses. Zenia scolds Anuj for rejecting such a woman that is sweet. Anuj enjoys panipuri, Gauravi provides plate to him. Anuj is called by rishi and introduces him. Anuj yields to Gauravi excuses himself.

The dad of gauravi walks into pub saying protector he is boss’ buddy. Rishi walks into pub, and dad boasts with no monk liquor celebration isn’t so rocking and that boss’s his pal. Rishi and he joke.

Shreya walks into Gauravi and yells that she compelled Aniket not to wed her and rejected the suggestion of Anuj. Rishi walks next and begins household and insulting Gauravi as diggers and seeking to snare sister and brother. Elder brother holds the collar of Rishi.

Anuj warns Rishi to not misbehave with his worker and interferes. Rishi says him is embarrassing to get workers that are cheap. Anuj warns they earn gain due to workers and that workers work hours away from family for them and are a part of his loved ones, he can’t dare abuse employees. Rishi walks off. Family is left by gauravi.

They’ll go and apologize and mother informs Anuj that anything occurred is wrong the household of Gauravi.

Gauravi with household returns. Aniket after hearing Rishi and Shreya’s misbeavior begs her to leave the occupation, however, Gauravi says Anuj is her boss so that she won’t depart occupation, and he encouraged her. She walks out to have fresh air when rain begins.

Umbrella is held by anuj and says that he wants to talk. She says family is in the home. He says that he wants to speak with her and asks if she’ll marry him. Gauravi stands amazed. He says it’s all up to her to say yes or no, etc..

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