Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 1st April 2024 Episode: Karan Realizes His Love For Tripura

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 1st April 2024 Episode Written Update: Karan Realizes His Love For Tripura.

The Episode begins she gets down in the vehicle and forgot to shoot the medications of beeji. She places fabric and allows on the vehicle. She hears that an individual can faint or perish on account of the smoke.

carbon mono-oxide when there is a blockage from the exhaust tube. Karan and sherry hunt Tripura. When she watched Tripura Karan asks Romila. Romila states no. Beeji states Tripura had been shot by Romila.

Karan warns Romila that when anything occurs to Tripura he won’t leave. Romila gets tensed. Karan sees her unconscious and regards the automobile. He rescues her and breaks the glass of down the car. He takes her and calls.

Sherry is having a man. He asks her to give him an opportunity. Sherry informs you states casting sofa and used me. She shuts the door and tricks him to venture out. He asks the door to open.

My foot is said by sherry. The man carries the blanket and covers and goes to space himself. It’s the area of Tripura and he is caught by him. Tripura informs Karan to perform so in his area. Karan says I am being misunderstood by you. Only Tripura is called by Amma.

The man asks Karan to provide him an opportunity to him. Amma’s telephone is picked by tripura and asks who instructed you to make telephone. Amma says Karan asks her to make her conversation and educated her.

Hello Amma is said by karan. Amma asks who’s there and talks with them? Area support is said by karan. The call is ended by tripura. Karan asks this nude man is doing on your room and scolds her.

She states she’d called room service. He says with anything occurred 3 times back, that you don’t wish to document Police complaint. Tripura says she’s two motives, one is Romila asks Karan to speak to her and is ill.

She states explanation is she’s the chachi of Rohan and that I do not desire she to be arrested by Police before Trisha’s union and Rohan.

Rohan informs Trisha he’ll accompany her. She asks him to attend his bachelor party and she’ll attend her party. You get upset with me, he inquires. Prabuddha informs Radhika that Brijesh is heart broken, but is ready to forgive Romila.

He states I hope she has fine with treatment. If you believed her to become murderer type he inquires. Radhika blames Karan and says enjoys more and no Tripura for treatment.

Prabuddha says you’ve been unjust he rescued her and did a selfless action. Radhika informs that Karan has rescued his counseller information. Prabuddha says anything he says that you are changed and did was back.

Karan inquires Radhika around Romila and comes there. Radhika says she’s obsessed cease taking her benefit. He asks what’s bothering her and says what is the issue. He asks her to inform and says we’ll go unique ways.

She asks what exactly does he consider Rohan and Trisha. He says they adore each other. Radhika says I did not develop any toes as I understood the guy I married I adored him.

He cried. Past loved is said by her. He says we’re young, my guidance, let them be lonely. She inquires if you’re currently studying any script? He states I am speaking about pre-marital.

He states I was able to hold your hands, uncle had looked at me. They move from there and laugh. They are looked at by prabuddha.


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