Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 1st April 2024 Episode: Always An Outsider

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 1st April 2024 Episode Written Update: Always An Outsider.

Ananya left the cabin. Ananya insists she can hold it although Rohit attempts to split the bag. Rohit says this is exactly what she wanted. Ananya informs Rohit he is respected by her because of his family values.

He and his wife has to divorce, but for himself; for her. He sit must go home and consider it. Ana finds Gurinder (Rohit’s buddy ) at the vehicle. Rohit says while angry, a person shouldn’t drive. He opens the doorway for Ananya.

Bani was angry that Rohit is currently now coming. She informs daddy to not be entertained by Poonam and Nickie will be forbidden by her. She dismisses the telephone number of Aarya. Poonam convinces which Rohit has to find a moment.

She moves out to talk choose and to Nickie the telephone number of Aarya. Maa asks Poonam she’s mad and arrives to the area.

Poonam states Maa told her everything will be OK. Rohit is currently arriving home, yet to talk to Bani and divorce. She yells and retains the hands of Maa, wondering how she’ll manage her daughters.

Since Rohit attempts to grip it At the vehicle, her hands is withdrawn by Ana. She informs when he would like to, Gurinder to take rest, Rohit is angry. Gurinder murmurs he is helpless, already turned into a motorist. Ana remarks that Gurinder is currently not judging. Gurinder answers, she’s not as standard as he said.

She answers that she does not possess her feet dripping down her eyes. Gurinder qualifies, he believed she’d be like any whore, sporting miniskirt, or so *xy…. Gurinder both and his bliss stops. Ananya divides into laughter. Rohit apologizes Ananya.

Ananya thanks Gurinder. Rohit retains her hands saying he did not hold her hands, to depart. He predicts Gurinder Cherry he says that he got everything; flourishing career, cash and what and makes them watch.

He could not stage what lacked. When he discovered her, he understood. She means everything, and completes his lifetime. Cherry and ava discovers is candy.

Rohit says holding Ana’s hands is a refuge in this universe for him. He’ll go home today, but will return shortly. Can she wait ? Ana leaves upstairs and spares her hands. She smiles as a sign and turns around.

In the home, Pranav heads Poonam she shouldn’t signal any divorce arrangement. Maa informs them that she’s living none will sign anything. Pranav was mad he would like to divorce Poonam for a woman that is inexpensive. Bani is spotted by poonam.

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