Trump tweets that Russia bounty allegations are ‘Fake News’

Washington(WA): President Donald Trump on Wed. dismissed as Fraud Information allegations that Russia offered bounties for killing American army in Afghanistan.

He stated information stories regarding the allegations have been made as many as damage me & the Republican Party.

Lawmakers were insisting answers over the allegations, & Democrats have charged Trump of bowing to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the risk of US warriors’ lives.

Trump tweeted Wed. that he’d not being briefed on intelligence assessments that Russia offered bounties because there wasn’t corroborating proof. Those intelligence assessments have been 1st recorded by The NY Times, afterwards affirmed to The Associated Press by American intelligence authorities & remaining with knowledge of the issue.

The Russia Bounty post is just the other made up by Fraud Information tale that is informed only to damage me & the Republican Party,” Trump tweeted. “The secret source probably doesn’t even exist, just like the post itself.

The president’s domestic security adviser, Robert O’Brien, stated the intelligence wasn’t took to the president’s attention originally because it has been unverified & there has been no consensus amongst the intelligence society. However that’s a high bar it’s rare for intelligence to be affirmed without a shadow of question before it’s introduced to Sr. govt decision-makers.

O’Brien demanded that the CIA & Pentagon did pursue the lead & briefed Intl. allies. However he echoed the previous White Home speaking point faulting not Russia however govt leakers & the media for creating the issue people.

He informed Fox & Friends that he’d equipped a list of retaliatory options for Trump in case the intelligence has been corroborated.

We’d options prepared to go, stated O’Brien. It may be impossible to gain to the bottom of it. Trump was under stress from lawmakers on Capitol Hill to address the records.

A crowd of Home Democrats who have been briefed in the White Home on Tue. questioned why Trump wouldn’t were briefed sooner & urged White Home authorities to have the president make a powerful announcement.

Home Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, one such Democrats who participated the briefing, stated it has been inexplicable why Trump won’t say publicly that he’s functioning to gain to the bottom of the problem & why he won’t call out Putin. He stated Trump’s defence that he hadn’t being briefed has been inexcusable.

Numerous of us don’t know his own affinity for that autocratic ruler who means our country ill, Schiff stated of Trump & Putin.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., a freshman & previous Navy helicopter pilot & Russia policy official, stated the Democrats informed the White Home briefers that the president must make an announcement.

These are quite concerning allegations & in case they’re true, Russia is going to face repercussions, Sherrill stated. “We actually urged that firmly within the gathering. Some of the Home Republicans who have been briefed by this White Home on Mon. also stated they left with queries.

Texas(TX) Rep. Mac Thornberry, the top Republican on the Armed Solutions Committee, stated the panel would “leave no stone unturned in seeking furthermore info. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming(WY) demanded there would be ramifications for any targetting of Americans.

However a crowd of Senate Republicans who got their own own briefing mostly defended the president, arguing with the White Home that the intelligence has been unverified. Senate Armed Solutions Chairman Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma(OK) stated he has been persuaded Trump hadn’t well-known regarding the intelligence.

Wisconsin(WI) Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, stated Trump could’t be made aware of each piece of unverified intelligence. The White Home has been functioning to plan a briefing with the so called Gang of eight in Congress Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi & the top Republicans & Democrats on the 2 intelligence committees.

The gathering can happen as shortly as Thu., as per citizens familiar with the planning who spoke on condition of anonymity because the info hasn’t being declared publicly.

Awhile Russian meddling in Afghanistan isn’t new, authorities stated Russian operatives had become extra aggressive in their own desire to contract with the Taliban & members of the Haqqani Network, a militant crowd aligned with the Taliban in Afghanistan & designated a foreign terrorist company in 2012.

The intelligence society was interrogating an Apr 2019 attack on an American convoy that died 3 US Marines after a car rigged with explosives detonated near their own armored vehicles as they traveled return to Bagram Airfield, the highest US military installation in Afghanistan, authorities informed the AP.

3 different US service members have been injured within the attack, with an Afghan contractor. The Taliban said responsibility for the attack. The authorities the AP spoke to also stated they have been looking closely in insider targets sometimes named green-on-blue targets from 2019 to determine in case they’re also related to Russian bounties.

1 officer said the administration addressed multiple potential reactions, however the White Home has yet to authorize any.