Anupamaa 12th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 12 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 12th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Anupama repatriates house after gathering Devika when Rakhi opens her car door on her & requests in case she wound her.

Baa addresses Rakhi as naglog ki patrani & states everybody within the region has cable in their own houses, so nobody going to see her nagin drama, she must come inside & speak.

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Rakhi arrives house with Anu & states as everybody knows she knows & comes here to create drama & drama going to be enjoyed only in case spectators are present. She calls everybody.

Baa requests her to spill her venom as of now. Rakhi states let’s meet globe’s most shameless Shah entire family. Anu states pleaj.

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Rakhi states she’ll not block with her pleaj. She begins that she imagined they’d disown Vanraj after resort drama, however they’re inviting him for party & forgave his own relationship just because only he earns, they even forgave his own sins & let him stay in his own girlfriend’s home (or) even marry her, citizens like them even make sautan as saheli/friend for her amount.

her friend’s spouse had an relationship in workplace & has been kicked out of job immediately, what in case same thing happens to Vanraj, just how going to they manage their own home without Vanraj’s amount. Baa threatens her to block speaking rubbish.

Rakhi states her friend’s spouse has been a habitual perpetrator (clarifies its meaning) who had relationship in recent job, however his own spouse forgave him repeatedly for his own amount; may be that is why Anu forgave Vanraj, she must forgive even Kavya; in case all this AC, TV, car, and so on. are purchased with Kavya’s amount & due to this she’s tolerating sautan from 8 yrs.. She requests in case she must clarify in detail.

Anu states she understood the meaning as 1 understands the tone without understanding language; states Vanraj comes here as he’s linked to this home till date. Baa states god sent Kavya here to really know just how cheap ladies seem like & even Rakhi reminds them same. Anu states markets run on wealth, however to run a home 1 needs dignity with amount, dignity is a new unfair for Rakhi & clarifies its meaning.

even a single penny that arrives this home is of their own right, its best in case she speaks regarding her daughter’s alliance. Rakhi states she had come for the same & forcefully pulls engagement ring from Toshu’s finger, requests in case its wound, it must be. Baa requests in case she’d cheap poisoned.

Rakhi states she had come to delete intoxication & their own misunderstanding that Kinjal going to marry Toshu. Anu states Rakhi ben.

Rakhi threatens her to call her Mrs. Davi, she’s sending her daughter to US & in case Toshu comes near her, it wouldn’t be great for him; they scheduled to attract Kinjal & gain her wedded to Toshu, however she’ll not let that happen.

She threatens Toshu, Samar, & Pakhi to dare not try to call Kinjal here in lieu of party (or) in case Toshu comes near her coaching lessons, she’ll call the police.

Anu requests what’s she getting by separating kids & ruining their own happiness, why don’t she know that she know that Kinjal is happy with Toshu. Rakhi states she knows to protect her daughter’s happiness & threatens to block granting her gyaan when she couldn’t curb her spouse. Baa states she must be kicked out & not gyaan.

Anu states when there is a fire in house, there would be 3 citizens about; 1 whose home is burnt, 1 who imagines their own home is safe, & 1 who just come to warm their own hands; Rakhi is the 1 who comes to warm her hands; in case she actually loved Kinjal, she’d realize that Toshu & Kinjal love every different immensely.

Rakhi shouts love my foot, even Anu loved Vanraj & he left her; she needs peaceful & luxurious personal life for her daughter & not betrayal & poverty; in case they all ever try to come near Toshu, she’ll send them to jail,

Afterwards they shouldn’t say she didn’t warn them. She goes & sits in car. Kinjal moves to her & requests what’s unfair with her, she had come here after Nandini reported her, what did she tell Toshu’s entire family. Rakhi drags her in car & requests why did she come here, she’ll take her to US & gain her involved to they boy of her choice. Kinjal states she could’t accomplish this.

Rakhi states in case Toshu is identified near her (or) coachin class, she’ll send him to jail; Shah entire family can’t even afford a lawyer & going to be in jail forever; threatens that Kinjal had come here for the past time & in case she makes a error, Shah entire family going to be punished, specially Anupama.

Toshu gets a panic attack & shouts. Pakhi imparts him water, however he throws it far away. Anu hugs him & states everything going to be alright. He states nothing going to, he can’t stay without Kinjal & their own relationship is ending due to his own parents & entire family. Samar requests him not to say that.

Baa requests Anu to call Vanraj. Bapuji stops her informing Vanraj is a bad dad. Baa states even afterwards & tries to cool down Toshu. Anu calls Vanraj. Vanraj busy in workplace with Kavya notices her call. Kavya requests him to pick the call awhile she goes out. He picks call & switches on speaker.

Anu states they both have to meet every different as parents, although they don’t like every different. He hears background voice & requests what happened. She states Toshu, Mrs Dave, he’s out of curb & she fears he may harm himself. Kavya states that lady is impossible.

Vanraj shouts Mrs. Dave is behind his own entire family, previously she broke engagement & as of now is behind Toshu. Kavya states whatever happened is for great as Kinjal wouldn’t have adjusted in his own home & Mrs Dave would’ve created some of the (or) different problem.

Vanraj requests just how could she say that, Toshu & Kinjal love every different, why don’t she stay far from his own entire family matters. Kavya yells its his own his own home & his own entire family, what regarding her, he must go & fall on Rakhi’s ft for Toshu.

He states he’s to meet Rakhi not as Vanraj Shah however as Toshu’s dad, he’ll meet Anu tomorrow & locate out resolution.

Anu apologizes Bapuji for calling Vanraj ignoring his own order & states she named Toshu’s dad & not her spouse (or) Bapuji’s son as Vanraj needs to really know everything regarding his own kids as a dad; after Rakhi’s drama, Toshu’s mom & dad both want to handle the problem.

Bapuji states she’s right. She states Toshu is okay as of now; she desires to tell 1 thing, she desires to work to run this home like before, to not let mamaji go back house, to block Bapuji repatriating his own medicine.

To block Baa from counting every penny, and so on; she doesn’t really know when she’ll gain a job, however she’ll accomplish a job to help entire family. Baa reacts hearing that.

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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