Amie Harwick Death: Sex therapist Amie Harwick Murdered, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

High-profile Hollywood therapist Amie Harwick–a former Playboy version who was once engaged to comedian Drew Carey–dropped to her death in a confrontation with an ex-boyfriend, the LAPD stated.

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Police detained Gareth Pursehouse on suspicion of murder following Harwick was discovered injured below a balcony on the floor early Saturday. She died at the hospital.

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Harwick, 38, had lately”expressed dread” of 6-foot-4-inch Pursehouse, but a restraining order she got from him had perished, police said.

A statement from authorities stated the roommate of Harwick told officers who Pursehouse had broken in and assaulted her. The hive jumped a wall run and to escape to get help, and they discovered Harwick when cops arrived in the house.

“The analysis revealed potential evidence of a battle in the upstairs in addition to forced entry into the house,” the LAPD stated. “A canvass of the region located further signs of an intruder (suspect) entering the land and departing after the murder”

Harwick was the writer of The New Gender Bible for Women and emerged at the documentary Addicted to Sexting. She and The Price Is Right sponsor Carey allegedly got engaged in 2018 but split shortly after.

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