American Idol 2024 Winner: Just Sam Wins American Idol Finale

An “American Idol’ season which began in February 2024 & afterwards had to rapidly shift gears because of the COVID-19 outburst, showed its first-ever virtual finale last Sunday night.

And when the 2-hour, music-filled event had been ended, host Ryan Seacrest announced our Season 18 winner is … Just Sam!

The only female singer to make the Top 5, Sam edged out Nepalese-American singer-song writer Arthur Gunn to grab the title & finish an incredible rags-to-riches, fairytale-such as ascension.

Sam (Samantha Diaz) — won on fans & stole hearts from not only her exceptional vocals & bubbly charisma, however an inspiring flashback.

Prior to entering “Idol,” the 21-year-old from Harlem, picked up some coins by performing on New York subway trains.

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