Ahmed Shafi: He died of ‘heart failure’ due to ‘tension’, says son Anas Madani

Shah Ahmad Shafi, the director of the Hathazari Madrasa in Chittagong, who has been the top leader of the Hefazat-e-Islam Qaumi Dhara company in Bangladesh for the past 30 yrs., has been blocked in 1 phase because of 2 days of uninterrupted rallies.

Ahmed Shafi’s honorable declare has been amongst the insists made by protesters after vandalism & rallies inside the madrassa over a dispute between the 2 sides over curb of the madrassa.

After Ahmed Shafi passed away in a Dhaka hospital (3) on Fri. in the evening, his own son Anas Madani reported the media of their own call regarding his own dad’s janaza & burial.

Mr Madani stated in 1 point, “My dad has been well for a long time. He has been suddenly ill y’day (Thu.) & has been taken to Chittagong Medical College. The doctors there named me & informed me that my dad had suffered a heart attack because of tension. That’s why.” This is the status today. “

Inquired regarding the Hathazari incident, he stated, “I do not need to say those things with a heavy heart in this status.”

Ahmed Shafi ruled to expel his own son Anas Madani from that madrasa apart from his own own declare in a shura gathering on Thu. night within the face of insists from protesters in the madrasa.

Mr Madani stated that as per Ahmad Shafi’s wishes, only 1 janaza would be conducted in Hathazari Madrasa on Sat. in two prime minister & after that he’d be buried in the graveyard there.

“My dad was a fan of janaza all his own personal life. Please do not confuse it with anything else,” stated Anas Madani.

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