Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2024 EpisodeWritten Update: Aman and Roshni encounters Baby jinn

Daily episode starts with Aman & Roshni are within the kitchen. Roshni states to Aman what in case he tries to harm our baby? After all he’s a child only, Roshni states when Aman made her know that even in case it’s a kid afterall it’ll be a Jinn only.

Aman states your heart is made with love & compassion for remaining however that doesn’t mean he’s a kid by nature. In that time itself, they faced an attack from that soul however Aman saves Roshni & the kid both. On the different side Rehaan is trying to go out with Shayari however he’s not been able to move the bolders as his own magic is not functioning in all.

Shayari pulls out the arrow from her leg & torns a part of her clothe & ties about her injury & Rehaan helps her. Inside the home, Rubina states even in case it’s a jinn & also a kid afterwards we’ve to affirm 1st. She spreads a various kinda powder within the overall room so that the jinn could be visible at the least.

Although, before anything could happen Aman & Roshni comes together & states we anyway kept Armaan with Anjum only. Rubina states because of the powder you 2 won’t be able to practise your powers in this room & they utilizes the toys to entice the baby jinn. In sometime the jinn comes there & again he begins to cry in such a massive voice that is not in all great to hear. He destroyed the toys 1 by 1 as well & with time the crying of the baby is rising so much that it’s not been able to bear.

Suddey they saw Armaan is now in the room & within the curb of the Jinn however Aman & Roshni are being helpless as their own magic is not functioning on it. The soul is going to harm Armaan however in the end moment, Roshni shouts with my child & the soul stops & disappeared from there. Aman & Roshni distribute the problem with all this family (4) members & ruled to locate a resolution to this as shortly as possible (or) else it’ll be too late to react.

Rubina states I’ve an idea to gain out of this status. Different side, Shayari also states to Rehaan we’ve to go out of this place as shortly as possible. Rehaan states however my powers aren’t functioning when Shayari states it’ll just remember why are you doing all these & she holds his own hand. He tries again & this time it works & they comes out of the cave. Rubina organizes for a planchet kinda thing where they could talk to the soul to really know what’s his own/her issue to support out him/her.

She states this bottle going to roll & ends in someone whom the soul going to choose for communication. The bottle stops in Salma & the soul arrives in her body & she faints on the floor & states mumma. Shayari & Rehaan got (1) Natasha’s body & the letter too however Shayari stops Rehaan from reading whatever is written inside to avoid the implications.

She & Rehaan locates the name of the Jinn is a curse & whoever going to utter this going to pass away in the place & he’s playing a massive game with Aman & Roshni. They ruled to let them really know regarding it.

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