Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman and Roshni defeats shadow Jinn

Daily episode starts with Roshni comes & sits apart from Aman. She begins to free him from that chains & states I’ve complete faith that you’ll not harm me (or) your son. She states I’m having my complete faith in you. Shadow jinn states by freeing him you named your own destruction.

As shortly as Roshni frees Aman he runs to his own son & taken him in his own arms. He looks about & sees everyone about him. All are shouting & hailing him & he looks in Armaan in last & he smiles back in him & this made him wonder. He looks deep into the eyes of Armaan & he again smiles return to him & Aman couldn’t support however gets affected & he hugs his own son.

The moment he does it the impact of the shadow jinn fades far away not only from him however all this different family (4) members too. All of them are looking in every different as they recovered from that hypnotized zone & shadow jinn begins to break down & Roshni gets surprised to watch that finally her words & Armaan innocence performed & Aman is back.

She immediately runs to Aman & the family (4) members also assembles about him. Roshni states I informed you that evil could be massive in quantity & strong however it’s to gain defeated ahead of goodness. Aman states as long as there is love in our family (4), no 1 could accomplish any harm to us. He requests for an the other name letter from that shadow jinn & he states La & gets vanished from that home.

The family (4) had a reunion with all & as of now deciding just how to cope up with the 3rd jinn? Tabizi states that name also begins & maybe ends with La too? Anjum states however the query is what’s the assure these citizens are telling us fact & Jinn going to leave in case we got (1) to really know his own name.

He’s not a trustworthy human to start with. Rubina is regarding to go to see in her Ilm-e-jinn regarding it however prior to that Kaala jinn comes there. Different side, Shayari & Rehaan approaches the cave of fire hill with the support of blue parrot. They entered the cave & locates out the grave yard of Jinn. They attempted to read the name however afterwards Shayari informed Rehaan we want to accomplish magic to really know what exactly is now in it.

Rehaan does magic & they gain a small letter kind of thing & Shayari is regarding to see it & Rehaan named Roshni in house. Kaala Jinn states in case you could tell me my name now only afterwards you don’t want to face the 3rd magic lamp.

Aman states I don’t want your support, we’ll combat 3rd jinn too & going to locate out your names. Before Shayari could read out the name Natasha comes there & hits her with an arrow & taken the letter & begins to read it.

She reads out his own name is Zalala & an quake occurs & she gets dissolve within the underground & the road gets blocked for Shayari & Rehaan to gain out. In night Roshni & Aman experienced something haunting within the home.

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