Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th January 2024 Update: Kuhu Tells Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th January 2024 Episode Update;

The YRHPK daily episode starts with Jugnu stating, I will help Kuhu at her house. Meenakshi tells him to go, grab the credit card & inform Kuhu that she will take care of the expenses of the event.

Parul prepares to fight for his son, Abir, I consider him my son. Mishti asks to whom you support. Vishwamber says I am with you. Nannu tells very meanly.

Kuhu states we will have the same Mata chunari. Don’t ask me, I am happy with everybody’s selection, says Jasmeet. I came here to help Kuhu, says Jugnu and Nannu welcomes him.

Jugnu says why am I on hearing his discussions smiling I’m the side of Abir. Mishti is greeted by him. Mishti is sent by Vishwamber. He apologizes to Jasmeet for never requesting her and adjusting the alliance of her son.

Rajshri says the alliance is very good for kids. Jasmeet says I do not know Nannu knows what is wrong and right.

Nannu states when I get hurt, the household ensures to be with you 18, I will be handled by you. Jasmeet says I want you to remain happy.

Mishti is thought of by abir. Nanu calls him and asks him to receive his medications. Abir sees Mishti and Parul assembly in the Marketplace. Parul says I did not speak to you forgive me.

Abir proceeds to view and calls out her. Did you come to fulfill with Mishti he asks. Parul states that you don’t understand. Mishti says that he does not wish to understand. He asks her to visit her BF.

Mishti states Nannu is my fiance. He asks her to keep away from his loved ones. Mishti asks him never to show his face. She moves and states sorry Maasi. Abir says I do not want the heart of anyone.

Parul says I need I could inquire Mishti why and yells. That the letter is seen by her.

Abir sees Nannu in the hospital. The doctor states that your reports are apparent. Nannu says I’ll take good care. Doctor states take good care, I understand there was a celebration at your house. Nannu says somebody I will not waste my difficult job of 10 years, I’m not drinking from 10 years.

This is heard by abir. Mishti cries. Kuhu comes. Mishti asks can not you come and knock. Kuhu knocks and inquires might I encounter in. Kuhu says I do not fight with individuals. Mishti says I’m not feeble.

Kuhu says why are you running following Abir, stay far from Abir, depart my brother-in-law, proceed, that your happiness is connected together with my brother. Mishti says he wasn’t being followed by me, you got him.

Kuhu says he wasn’t got by me Parul called me. Mishti says I was not carrying her calls, I will not satisfy with anybody or her. She yells. Kuhu believes did she agree.

She states nowadays Abir is acting bad, he should not, sorry for this. Mishti says it’s not your error since Kunal is angry with me, Abir is angry, is he doing so once happened, ” I do not understand, I’ll not blame the anger of someone on you. Kuhu goes.


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