Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th January 2024 Episode: Abir Met an Accident

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Abir Meets an Accident.

The episode begins with Meenakshi stating the reports are not here, reports dropped down. She messages Nannu that reports dropped down, Abir was still there. Nannu is worried about by jasmeet.

Vishwamber asks her to not worry. Will you forgive him she inquires. He states he’s a child, children do errors. She states if Nannu did not arrive from the drunken state, you’d have forgiven Abir.

Once I understood that Nannu enjoys Mishti, I want this union to occur for the sake of Nannu, he says you believe I simply think for Mishti, I advised this alliance matter. Jasmeet states and yells forgive me.

I believe in this household daily, although he states no need to apologize, so I do not say. She thanks him hugs. He asks her not to stress. He belongs. Mishti seems on.

The outcome is checked by abir. He states it means my uncertainty was correct, his loved ones were cheated by Nishant, I need to inform Mishti. She washes her face. She believes I was encouraged by Nannu and it’s my turn.

She receives the telephone and disconnects of Abir. She says, I can not do so. He calls. He states its own imp to be aware of that, I’m in the hospital. She asks what did you state. Nannu comes and snatches the telephone. Rajshri asks what do you do, prepare to get haldi. Kuhu takes the telephone number of Mishti.

Nannu says to stay away from my fiancee. He is punched by abir. Nannu inquires what the hell. Abir says you’ve sent your family you behaved, but the tears of your family have been noticed by me. Nannu says they’re my loved ones.

Abir claims Mishti was there, she’s mine. They assert. Abir states that you don’t deserve Abir Rajvansh, Maheshwari surname, recall my name, I’ll bring out your truth. Abir goes. Nannu’s nose.

Abir is run following by him. Mishti stays for haldi. The rituals start. Andar tu hai….plays… She sees Abir coming and smiles. Haldi is applied by Abir. The vehicle is left at by abir. He is followed by nannu.

He inquires Abir to discontinue. Abir says I assured Mishti she won’t drop anything, but she is going to lose her very best friend she does not deserve lie, so she must understand the reality. He bends to select the telephone. There comes A stall in between. Abir strikes a tree and pushes away.

The diya strikes off. It lights. Mishti is recalled by abir and drops from the car. Mishti feels anxious. Her bangle falls down. The floor rolls and falls to the river. Kunal chooses on the bangle to get Mishti.

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