Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Naira saves Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fourth Aug 2024 Written Daily episode, Written Update

The Daily episode begins with Kartik & everybody packing their own belongings. Naksh tries to clarify Naira. She cries on the way.

Kartik talks to Soumya’s pic. He states I failed to becomes a great son, spouse & dad, what going to I tell Kairav when he requests regarding the big home, I couldn’t accomplish my work.

Everybody gets sad & cry. Kartik calls Naksh & requests regarding Naira. Naksh states she’s fine, she’s speaking to Bhabhimaa, we’re coming house. Kartik requests him not to come, he’ll try to manage.

Naksh gets some of the papers. Naira signs. Kartik requests Dadi to accomplish the aarti for the past time. Dadi states we must accomplish. Kartik does the aarti & prays. He takes the idol.

Yeh rishta kya…..plays…. they cry & think of their own moments within the home. They all go out. The person shuts the door & takes the seal to stamp.

Naira comes & shouts block. Kartik requests her to let them accomplish the work (5). Naira requests the person to see the papers, they’ll gain the amount, the home won’t be sold.

The person checks & imparts her the keys. He states congrats, its actually amazing. Naksh deletes the notices from Goenka villa. Everybody smiles. Naira opens the door. She states none could snatch our home from us, no 1 needs to go anywhere, we’ll stay here. Suwarna requests just how did you accomplish this. Naira states I’ll tell you. Kartik requests her to say.

Dadi requests tell us what magic you did. Naira cries & states nothing Dadi.

Kartik requests why did you accomplish this. Suwarna requests what. Kartik states she sold the dance academy, right.

He requests why, it has been last sign of your mumma, it has been your hardwork. He requests Naksh why did you not block her. Naira states I’ve mumma’s blessing with me, nothing is imp than family (4). Naksh states mumma would be proud of her daughter today.Naira states she’d be happy seeing this, in case I informed you, afterwards would you let me accomplish it.

Kartik states you’re taking revenge as I didn’t tell you. She states no, I got (1) inspired from you, in case you could risk your personal life, could’t I give far away the academy, I wish I got (1) this idea before, it’d haven’t happened with you.

Manish requests why did you accomplish this. Naira states let me accomplish my work of a daughter. Everybody blesses her. Kartik gratitude Naira & cries.

Naira requests shall I click your pic & send to Kairav. Kartik states no, don’t spoil my image. Everybody laughs seeing them argue.

They enter the home & place the idol. They pray. Kartik imagines to keep Naira happy. Naira imagines don’t really know in case we’ll meet Sita again, forgive us. Sita comes & calls her out. Naira states I has been thinking regarding you. Sita states you’d be thinking that I did unfair. Naira states no. Sita apologizes. Naira states I need to apologize. Sita states I has been selfish. Naira states no,

I did that for family (4), you did that for son. Sita states I’ve learned a lesson, you’ve given a new direction to my thinking, a lady with western dressing could also be great valued, I m accountable for Kundan’s error,

I wish he has been like Kartik & you, I’ve lost. She apologizes to them. She states I couldn’t accomplish anything for you all. Naira states you’re like our family (4), you could tell us in case you need any support. Sita states I’ll go. Naira stops her & requests her to have sweets.

Dadi states I agree with Tina. Sita jokes. They all laugh. Sita leaves. Its night, Naira comes to Kartik. He states we must celebrate. She states we could’t go out.

He states we could celebrate in house. She requests just how. He requests are you requesting this.

He imparts her a romantic surprise. Chukar gai….plays….