Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Surekha Misunderstands Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2024 Episode Written Update: Surekha Misunderstands Naira.

The episode begins with Naira yelling watching the blood-stained garments of Trisha. Kartik hugs her. Inspector asks Kartik to get the telephone number of Trisha.

He says it was chosen by someone else I will ask the staff.

Naira and Kartik state we would like to speak to the truck driver. As you desire inspector states, I’ll speak with your loved ones. Goenkas is talked to by the inspector. Akhilesh states that my sons Lav and Kush are here. Surekha says that they are not at home. Samarth says they may be called by us.

Inspector claims no demand. Akhilesh states Trisha is similar to your own daughter, you need to discover the offenders. Lav and Kush conceal and appear on. Kairav says I’ve observed Kush and Lav burying the processor package. Vansh says he will be asked by us. Lav and Kush claim.

Lav states we will not inform anybody. The children are seen by them. They are asked by vanishing. Kairav says the processor packet directly had been implanted by you. Lav says, its because of our science job, you do not need to tell the key if my desire is fulfilled, I’d implanted a desire with all the seeds, then a plant will increase. Kairav states you wanted to get a bicycle.

Lav says you’ll find a ride, I’ll get helmets to you. Kush says far is putting. Lav says we’ll save ourselves. Naira and Kartik speak into the vehicle driver. Naira says that she can not commit suicide, you’re concealing something. The guy says I’m not lying, so she arrived in front of my toilet, I did not have time to use brakes, so I have a girl, I will understand your annoyance, forgive me.

Kartik states I feel this guy is saying the facts. Naira inquires she had been looking beautiful, would she attempt to commit suicide, so she had no enemy, every one commended me. He states Trisha will acquire awareness. Dadi states Trisha should haven’t gone together with any stranger. Everyone wishes she has nice. Naira’s house is brought by Kartik.

Naira says that I must remain in the hospital with Trisha, visit authorities, catch the offender. Kartik says calm down. Naira says Trisha was molested by a person. The family becomes stunned.

Naira I could not take good care of her, authorities are currently stating Dadi she has been noticed by you, does she do so. Kush says I’m feeling guilty. Lav says do not tell anything. Kartik says that she cried all of the ways.

Naira says the offenders won’t be left by me, I’m sorry Trisha, forgive me. Kairav claims you’ve arrived Mumma and comes. Naira hides hugs and tears him. Kartik says she’s tired, she’ll break for a while. Naira is taken by him. Dadi prays. Gayu states Lord, destroy the individual who did so. Naira rest is made by Kartik.

Kairav seems on. He attempts to make her grin. Her nap is made by him. Yeh rishta kya….plays… Kush states we did offense and accomplished, we’ll confess. If we admit lav says that I do not concur, Naira is going to probably be hurt.

Kush says I’m going to admit. Lav says listen. The inspector’s concept is got by naira. She receives the pic of the pendant. She reads. We got this necklace in the clothing whose necklace is that of Trisha. Naira believes it’s not only of Trisha.

She answers its own not only of Trisha. She thinks its culprit. Abhishek quits and comes Kush. Kush claims. Lav says we type out and will visit space. Naira is seen by them. Lav inquires how are you feeling.

She sees the pendant of Abhishek. She inquires about it. He says it is worn by me, my mother gets Guru ji, it is worn by all of his followers, what occurred. She states the inspector has delivered me pic, a necklace was with bloodstains, so it had been discovered combined with the clothing of Trisha. He believes fresh now, its mother gave me.

Surekha yells on Naira. He asks you to believe that my sons are concerned. Naira says that I asked about the ring, I did not doubt them on. Surekha states they are being doubted by you. Everyone comes. Why are you dadi inquires. Surekha says inquire Naira, she believes Kush Lav and Abhishek are accountable for the condition of Trisha, Abhishek was requested by her. Dadi inquires Naira do not you think Lav and Kush’s upbringing.

Naira states no, I simply inquired… Manish asks her to relax. Surekha asks their own sons to be defended by Akhilesh. She states they were attributed to Naira. Naira states I did not doubt on anybody, I never obtained notion. Did you speak about that locket Surekha inquires. Naira claims sorry, I asked, I’m troubled.

Kartik says I’m certain, it wasn’t meant by her, she is not appropriate to Lav and Kush, they weren’t doubted by her, they are loved by her. Akhilesh says she tried to find advice, we’re currently questioning her. Surekha says fine I’m sorry. Kartik states we did not indicate that.

Surekha says that I need to finish this issue here, nobody will say sorry, Lav and Kush are my sons, so you can not blame them they are not goons. Naira calls Lav and Kush. She says I’m sorry if you got hurt for me I did not indicate that. Abhishek says no situation, its okay.

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