Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd February 2024 Episode: Anurag And Prerna’s Special Moment

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd February 2024 Episode Written Update: Anurag & Prerna’s Eve Moment.

The episode begins with somebody knocking on the door. Anurag is said by Prerna. Veena states his mother called and asked if he can take you for shopping that is involvement. Prerna says that I shall visit, it is going to be Anurag.

Veena believes that I get hurt watching her love, their love is not in destiny, she does not need to take this reality.

Prerna states I understood and sees with Anurag, you. Veena asks Anurag to come back in. Viraj comes and greets them.

He states we will depart for shopping. Veena says nice, return and go. Searching is asked by Anurag. Viraj says that I took her to the mall to get shopping that is involvement. Prerna states I must understand. Viraj asks her to come back. They depart. Veena asks Anurag to come back in. Anurag says I’m going to the workplace. He also leaves.

He believes everything to do, ”I still really do not want everyone to think I wish to be with Prerna. He predicts Mohini and Sonalika. Mohini replies. Sonalika is asked by him. She says that she came from the backyard area.

He states give the telephone to her. She says much despair. He states I was presuming to take to mall, so its nice if you don’t desire. She says, wait, speak to her. Komolika states I did not have my mobile cell phone. Anurag asks would you come for purchasing. She says I’d love to head out with you. He asks her to arrive at the mall. Mohini says things are receiving nice today.

Anurag believes yes, I’m coming to you personally Prerna. Mohini prays. Nivedita asks what occurred. Mohini says I’m quite happy, Anurag is known as Sonalika and stated he wishes to take for purchasing so they spend some moment. Wow is said by Nivedita, we’ll likewise visit the mall. Mohini states we will store something. Prerna states Viraj, I want to speak.

Prerna and Viraj visit observe the rings. She believes Viraj is fine, he’ll assist me in obtaining Anurag, he knows love. She cried. That the rings are shown by him. She says that I want to speak, maybe perhaps not here. He proceeds and receives the telephone from his mum.

Veena asks Shivani to not examine and come together with her for purchasing. She says that we shall purchase suit clothes and shagun coin, so we’ll visit the same mall and purchase items by his pick. They depart.

Anurag and Komolika come into the mall. She says thanks. He states do not, I had reasons. She says that I know, you believed Mohini is going to be pleased, I actually enjoy it that we’re collective, encounter. She’s his hands. He states it becomes uncomfortable. She says I know. He sees Prerna and inquires Komolika to search for himself, he’ll only come.

She inquires. He says that I need to inspect shirts. She says that you will not have an issue with holding hands you constantly maintain Prerna’s hand, that I always search for myself I want you to search for me, we’ll select shirts afterward. Viraj claims sorry, mother scolded me, she asked me how do I leave you lonely.

She receives the telephone number of Veena. She says I’ll talk afterward, I want to speak with you. Shivani and veena arrive. Veena states our telephone number wasn’t answered by you. He says that you must have come together. Veena says that I purchased a lawsuit, only see after.

Viraj says I’m yours, Prerna only understands the ring. He belongs to Veena. Prerna believes he’s love for everybody, its not good to break his soul, however, that I can not depart Anurag.

Anurag inquires Komolika to test and chooses a saree. Nivedita and Mohini come. Mohini says we’ve come to go to a jewelry store. Komolika says that I will emerge, then we will go. Nivedita jokes.

Anurag asks her to not joke these. Komolika proceeds to try out the saree. Mohini matches Mr. Om and states we intended to come here now, here is actually my son Anurag. Om says several times and that I met him, provide us a time. Mohini says alright, we’ll complete our shopping and return. Om asks what jewelry will I reveal.

Ring is said by Anurag. Prerna is looked for by him. Mohini sees Viraj and Veena. Mohini says what would you believe, what is on her head? Nivedita states she isn’t understood by me. Mohini asks Veena to state what is happening. She says you’re likely to Viraj.

Anurag says everybody has arrived for purchasing, the offender is still about, I can not take the risk. Anupam says that I want your hints to call him. I m trapped here together with Sonalika. Anupam says alright, I’ll see you.

Shivani asks what occurred. Prerna states I attempted to speak into Viraj, I really don’t wish to say, since I believe the memory of Anurag will return, I understand I’m doing wrong he is a man that is great. She coughs.

Shivani proceeds to find water. Her water is given by Anurag. Prerna claims thank God, you’ve come. He says when I could I’ve found you, tears on your eyes I would have never allowed you to cough, I really don’t like tears. He believes do not understand why I care better.

She believes I know but can not inform you. Tenu yaad karaan…plays… Anurag says where you’re I’m, I feel I’m with you once you want me.

Her runs and jerk. Prerna drops inside his arms. They’ve got an eye lock. Area is gone to by viraj. Viraj is shocked to see them.

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