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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (URKKH) 12th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read YRKKH  (12-10-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kartik informing baby always cries seeing me.

She states no, baby cries to express, babies couldn’t talk like us.

He states however she cries when we gain her upstairs, she doesn’t cry when she’s with everybody. She states its not like that. He states I’ll complain.

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She states it happens with each baby, hold the baby for an awhile. Akhilesh states doctor stated he couldn’t say Manish is internally fit (or) not without doing the tests. Dadi states yes, Manish shouldn’t have any tension.

Naira states try to make the baby burp. Kartik checks on net. He states its written that baby could gain vomit in case he doesn’t burp, we’ll go to net. She states its fine, we’ll await for sometime, I’ll make a last try. He consoles the baby. She states its Hing, someone informed me to apply hing to baby’s navel to handle gas. Naksh checks a phone. He sees Aditya’s sms.

He states I didn’t really know you’re in Aditya’s touch. Kirti requests what, who informed you. He shows the sms…. I’ll take (2) my son back. They argue.

She states I’ve got (1) far from social media(SM) also, what’s my error in case he messages from various numbers, in case you don’t trust me, afterwards see my phone. He states I don’t want to see it, we’re getting separated.

She states when there is no trust left afterwards what’s the utilize to safeguard this relation. Krish comes & requests are you going somewhere. Naksh states no, I has been coming to you.

Everybody gets to hear the baby’s cry. Kartik states baby isn’t getting a burp, we’re going to the hospital (3). Suwarna hugs the baby & massages the back. She states watch the baby got (1) quiet.

Surekha requests is your severe problem over. Naira states hing going to take (2) time to impact, I informed you, I just had Chole & rice. Dadi requests just how could you. Suwarna states it could result in indigestion, you’re feeding baby.

Kartik states it means it has been your error, I understood what to accomplish, I’ll take (2) care of you, you’ll take (2) care of baby.

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Dadi states baby slept, I’ll give her this Rai filled pillow to her. Suwarna states this time, we forgot. Akhilesh states Surekha had torn Lav & Kush’s pillow in anger. He informs the post & laughs. Kartik requests going to you’ve laddoo.

Naira states no. He states please have it, sorry. She states its okay, I m tired, you be with the baby. He requests going to you dance with me, please. He gets headphones for them. They hear the song Jag ghoomeya…. They dance.

The baby wakes up & cries. He states calm down baby, you’re carrying ahead the same tradition, Lav, Kush, Kairav & as of now you, everybody is the enemy of our romance. Naira smiles.

Krishna requests just how is Manish as of now. Suwarna states he’s best. Krishna states I need to meet him. Suwarna states no, you could meet him thereafter, come. Naira & Gayu foster some of the oil brand. Dadi wards off Manish’s bad sight.

He requests her to block crying as of now, he’s fine. Krishna comes & calls him out. She hugs him. Dadi signs no.

She states I’ve prayed for you & lit a diya, I has been awaiting for you, why didn’t you meet me, I m your friend. Manish requests who’s she. Naira states Manish going to recover shortly, we’ll go down & make him meet Krishna. Dadi requests Manish not to take (2) tension, come & have breakfast.

Suwarna states yes, you’ve to take (2) medicines. Kartik states wow, there have been 2 ladies within the home, dad loves daughters, Mansi & Kirti habituated to be with him all day, he habituated to fulfil their own each insist.

Krishna requests accomplish you remember me, I m Chori, your friend. He recalls & states yes, that day on the road, she had come ahead of our car & ….our crash happened…. in case she didn’t come, afterwards crash would haven’t happened.

Everybody gets stunned. Manish states gain out of my home. Krishna cries. He holds his own head. Dadi & Suwarna say take (2) care of yourself, we’ll watch the lady thereafter, come to room.

Manish states I m fine. Kartik states you want rest. Akhilesh states I’ll take (2) Manish. Kartik looks on. Dadi requests Manish not to think of anything except his own health.

She states I got (1) you by difficulty. Manish states I m fine, don’t worry, I got (1) angry seeing that lady.

Naira states Kartik, I wanted to tell you, you have been annoyed with me, you habituated to gain angry, everybody has been worried for dad, I didn’t say anything, I suspended Krishna from telling anybody.

I have been much scared, when I imagined of the crash, I imagined what’s her error, sorry. Krishna states its not Naira’s error, don’t gain angry on her, crash happened due to me, I’d to repatriate her purse.

Naira requests did you’d it. Krishna states I didn’t steal it, it fallen down there, I saw lots of money in it, I kept some of the for myself & different children, your id card has been there, I went to repatriate it, I fallen down, Naira changed the steering & crash happened, sorry, punish me, don’t punish Naira.

She holds ears & cries. Kartik states I m not punishing anybody, it has been just an crash, it could happen anytime, I made you cry, sorry Naira for problem, I has been angry, however I understood its not anybody’s error. He hugs Krishna.

Naira wipes Krishna’s tears. Krishna states Manish is angry, just how shall I influence him. Kartik states I’ll talk to him. She states I need to be with you 2, going to he make me out.

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