Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th March 2024 Episode: Roshni is Pregnant

The daily episode begins with Aman states “I will go with Roshni”.

Laila says when Chandni comes back rescue the family and you’ve got to be here. Roshni says Laila can be trusted by us, better guard them and be with family, I receive and will go the moon. He thinks of her voice. He says alright, Baazigar will proceed with you, we do not have enough time to waste.

Baazigar is called by him. Roshni says I’ve determined, I’ll go. She is wished by Laila. Roshni inquires does Chandni has some children. Laila says no. Why did she ask me to look after kids, Roshni inquires.

Laila asks her to not think of this, whatever else could lie. Aman and Salma request her to take good care. Roshni goes.

Chotu is called out by locha. He asks who are you really and looks at her. She says I’m Locha Pari. Aman and dadi fear for the family. Laila says that I shall find some way. She stays and belongs to the moon.

She flies away. Aman says I believe no antidote was made by her, go and be with mother. Locha states I obtained Lily Pari’s face and did magic. Chotu says get your face back. She says it can not happen. The instructor and the boy believe who is Chotu. Kabir is come to by Laila.

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