Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th October 2024 Daily Episode Starts With Rudra rages in Prisha Mishka gets worried. She rules to confess the fact that she’d died Kirti when Prisha corners her.

Ahana informs that the earring belongs to her, as Prisha desires to hear it out. She thereafter shifts the announcement & informs the entire family that Prisha has coked up the post when the earring belongs to her.

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She clarifies Mishka’s name. She accuses Prisha for killing Kirti. Mishka gets relieved. She’s thankful to Ahana for saving her. Ahana slaps Mishka. She insists the fact. She desires Mishka to answer why did she murder Kirti.

She requests Mishka why has been she detecting the earring. Mishka desires Ahana to trust her. Ahana informs Mishka that she could know everything.

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Mishka informs that she didn’t murder Kirti, however she’d gone there to meet Kirti. She swears to Mishka.

Rudra & Prisha gain to hear Mishka’s confession. Prisha proves that the earring belongs to Mishka. She doesn’t need to accuse Mishka, however safeguard her. She informs that she discusses Mishka as entire family.

Mishka apologizes to Rudra. She feels sorry to lie. She confesses that she didn’t murder Kirti even after a fight. She requests the entire family to believe her.

She informs that Kirti has been murdered by someone. She doesn’t need anybody to accuse her. Rudra requests Mishka why has been she silent when she has been awaited to help him.

Mishka confesses that she has been scared. She informs that she didn’t murder Kirti, someone has been also there, who died Kirti after she left. Balraj believes Mishka. He’s disappointed with Ahana. He doesn’t need Ahana to accuse Prisha all this time. He feels she broke his own trust. Mishka feels sorry for Ahana.

Ahana desires to protect her sister. Prisha tries to locate the fact from Yuvraj. She accuses him regarding killing Kirti. She informs that Mishka also went to meet Kirti, the footage has been removed by him.

Yuvraj informs her that he’s just watch Rudra & removed the footage. He acts ignorant regarding Mishka’s involvement. Prisha feels she’s foolish to take his own support. Rudra misunderstands Prisha when she calls him by Yuvraj’s name. He vents anger on Prisha & Yuvraj.

He catches Prisha’s lie. He accuses her for protecting Yuvraj from that killing complaint. He turns raged up. He angrily hurts Prisha. She informs him that she accidentally came to know everything.

She desires to tell Yuvraj’s fact as well, however fallen into Yuvraj’s words. She exclaims that she didn’t mean to wound him. Rudra requests her to open her eyes, Yuvraj has died Kirti. Prisha doesn’t think Yuvraj died Kirti. He threatens her over her drama.

He misunderstands Prisha. He doesn’t need to becomes a fool again by believing her. Prisha regrets that everything is going unfair. She reports her mom that everything is spoiling because of Rudra’s loss of trust. She desires to evident Rudra’s misunderstanding. Vasudha requests Prisha to show Neerja’s video footage to Rudra.

Prisha regrets that Neerja met with an crash before handing over the pendrive. Vasudha desires her to meet Neerja & gain the recording.

She believes that things going to gain okay once Prisha gets the video clip. Prisha meets Neerja & regrets her condition. Neerja desired to support Prisha by going over Rahul. Prisha feels sorry.

She desires Neerja to gain okay & back to her baby. She’s prepared to bear Rudra’s hatred. She desires Neerja to gain stable. Rahul approaches Neerja. He locates Prisha there. Neerja gets unstable. Rahul accuses Prisha.

He stops her from hurting Neerja furthermore.

Prisha defends her step. They gain into a heated argument. He desires Neerja to recover from coma.

He requests her to block gathering Neerja & him. Prisha is stunned to locate Sharda in the {hospital}. Rudra suspects Yuvraj & Prisha. Yuvraj furthermore misleads him regarding Prisha & his own relationship.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 29th October 2024 / (29-10-2020)

First episode date: 19 December 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 144
Directed by: Neeraj Baliyan Rishi Tyagi
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 10:30 pm (IST)
StarPlus HD:10:30 pm (IST)
StarPlus HD: 11 am, 10:30 pm
StarPlus: 11 am, 10:30 pm

Yeh Hai Chahatein Cast:

  • Abrar Qazi
  • Sargun Kaur Luthra
  • Aishwarya Sakhuja
  • Vidhaan Sharma

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