Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2024 Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein first Sep 2024 Written Update Begins With Ahana requesting Rudra & Prisha to show up on the talk show. Rudra states Ahana needs me to evident regarding Saransh & his own affirmation. Prisha states I’d have finished this regardless of whether he didn’t make huge stride for Saransh, the globe must really know genuine Rudraksh, I’ll accomplish this show.

Rudra grins. Ahana imagines nice you concurred, you used Rudra & our status, I’ll use you in creating Rudra a main star, he’ll never observe you in that point. Prisha gets a call.

She stresses. She goes. Ahana states come shortly, we want to examine it. The person states you’re going on the check show, I’ve discovered your personal life’s old fact, this is simple for me, have persistence, hear me out, you’ll gain slapped on this show, Rudra going to slap you, you want to incite him. She requests what. He states you’ll affront him & he’ll slap you, recall what could occur.

I’ll reveal to Saransh that he’s an ill-conceived youngster. She imagines who’s he, just how might I affront Rudra, I want to make his own picture fine, on the off opportunity that he slaps me, no… Rudra requests whose call has been it. She figures I could’t advise fact to you for the great of Saransh. Ahana states you look white collar class in indian dresses, have a go in something western, I’ll call the fashioner.

Prisha states I won’t wear western garments, Rudra’s picture going to alter by our conversation, persons going to watch us, not our garments. Ahana states fine, dress us well, I’ve bunches of game schedules to make. She goes. Rudra states sorry, don’t feel terrible, you really know Ahana’s tendency. Prisha goes. Rudra states weird. Neerja states I heard infant’s pulse & got (1) diminished.

Prisha is a decent specialist, I m sure nothing could happen to me & our child. Rahul states obviously, you’re fortunate. Servant states somebody had come to meet you.

He requests Neerja to take (2) prescriptions. She states I’ll take (2) it in in the morning. Rahul requests Yuvraj for what reason did you return house. Yuvraj states I really know, some talks occur in house, for what reason did you lie to me. Rahul requests what lie.

Yuvraj states my Prisha is your best half’s PCP, I’d let you really know, for what reason didn’t you say. Rahul states block this hogwash, I don’t have time & vitality for this, I didn’t have any acquaintance with you exist, Prisha didn’t Wednesday Rudra that time, she’s a decent specialist, my best half is alright with her.

going to I alter her primary care physician in case Prisha is your ex fiancee, I’ve no problem with Rudra & Prisha’s marriage, they’re getting numerous labels of adorable couple, Neerja trusts Prisha, just how might I alter her.

He gets sms. He states Rudra & Prisha are going in Chetna’s live show. Yuvraj states its a main show, are you specific. Rahul states as a couple, they’ll gain renowned, does she love you, did she alter, she got (1) Rudra. Yuvraj yells sufficient, this won’t occur. Rahul states its event. Yuvraj imagines to curb Prisha.

Prisha requests Saransh to buckle down in science & gain complete stamps. They embrace & state love you. Rudra comes & embraces Saransh. He states I’ve to converse with Prisha. He sends Saransh.

He requests what are you stowing far away, let me really know, Saransh stated I gain you, confide in me. She gets Yuvraj’s call. He requests once extra. She detaches the call. He stops her & states I m requesting you what’s the problem, for what reason are you sitting about idly, converse with him.

She answers the call. Rudra states put it on speaker. Yuvraj questions as to for what reason are you disengaging my call, what’s your opinion of yourself, for what reason are you doing show with Rudra, I trying to make you far from Rudra, you’re drawing near to him, for what reason are you getting affections for him.

you realize he tricked us, disclose to me that you don’t cherish me any longer, end my personal life, for what reason are you executing me like this. Prisha states I m not doing anything incorrectly, you could think anything, I could’t resist. She detaches. He blows up & quiets himself.

He states you could go on show, I’ll perceive just how you accomplish it. Rudra requests just how might he blow up on you, for what reason are you pitiful, your Yuvraj is irritated. Prisha states its in no way like that. Rudra appeals that her watch her face & state, isn’t she tragic.

He states you didn’t converse with Yuvraj well, from I has been here. She states you don’t gain me.

He questions as to why, you’d miss your ex darling, you both cherished 1 the other. She states I m pitiful as of now, I didn’t anticipate this from you, I m married, I m your best half, you battled for my role on live TV, you’re stating this, I m not a scoundrel, I really know cutoff points of a spouse.

you in spite of everything think I’ve affections for Yuvraj. Rudra states I comprehend what I feel, you recognize what you feel.

He goes. She cries. Balraj states its epidemic time, its risky to gain persons house. Ahana states it’ll gain benefits, persons going to watch our house & really know our way of personal life, you ought to develop. He goes. Ahana questions as to for what reason didn’t you develop, Rudra, Chetna’s crowd going to come to set up lights.

Rudra requests her not to pressure. The crowd comes to set up lights & sound. Yuvraj states Rudra & Prisha going to gain exposure, for what reason is Prisha going to gain by doing this show. Gopal states she’s reasonable, what’s up on the off opportunity that she’s upbeat. Yuvraj states you’re her dad, you’re stating this. Gopal states I really know my little lady, you adored her.

you must confide in her. Vasu states you really know Prisha. Gopal states she went for the great of Saransh, she’s cheerful, block this, sit within the event that you want to see the show (or) go. Yuvraj figures I’ll accomplish your homicide when the chance arrives, I’ve finished everything to destroy the show.

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