Woodpecker’s brave fighting snake to save its babies goes viral

Susanta has tweeted a video of a woodpecker fighting with a snake to save its young babies has gone viral. The video has urged the netizens to talk about a mother’s pure love.

A mother’s love is unparalleled, ferocious and pure – case in point this woodpecker that fought tooth and nail to rescue its infants. A movie of the duel moving viral all over and has resurfaced on Twitter.

The movie reveals the woodpecker pecking at a pit within a tree. In a couple of seconds, the snake strikes the bird and pops out shape the hole. The woodpecker has over and over again to fly back and struggle and proceeds to charge in the snake from other angles.

“Each of the forces on this world won’t ever conquer that of a mother’s love. Wood pecker rescue its chicks following a ferocious air duel with the snake,” reads Nanda’s caption.

Assaf Admoni, an American tourist initially took the movie, in Peru. “It actually looked as the female was behaving frantically from maternal instinct. She simply kept racing the tree up and assaulting the snake onto its own side,” Admoni told Daily Telegraph. “What amazed me was that she entirely appeared to sacrifice herself to the girls we believe were indoors,” he adds.

Founded on March 2, the clip has gained over 12,600 viewpoints and heaps of shocked remarks from netizens. Others revealed concern while a few valued the fearless attacks of this mom woodpecker.

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