UAE-Israel agreement: Trump expects Saudi Arabia to join deal

Washington(WA): Donald Trump, President of the United State expects Saudi to join the UAE-Israel peace deal.

In White Home information conference on Wed., replying to query whether he expects Saudi to join the deal, Trump stated, “I accomplish”.

UAE-Israel peace deal

The peace deal normalizes the relations between UAE & Israel. According to the deals, Muslims all over the globe going to be permitted to offer prayer in Al-Aqsa where as, Israelis could avail cost-effective airplanes using Dubai(AE-DU).

After the deal, emirates may be permitted to purchase F-35 jets.

Previously, the policy of US has been to make sure that Israel has military advantage over its adversaries.

Saudi clarifies its stand

Meantime, Saudi’s foreign minister cautiously appreciated the settlement.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan stated the deal, that also halted unilateral annexation by Israel of West Bank territory sought by this Palestinians, can be viewed as positive.

However he refrained from outright backing the move & stressed Saudi is open to establishing similar relations on condition that a peace settlement is approached between Israel & the Palestinians.

Prince Faisal reiterated the kingdom’s long-stated people stance of help for the Arab Peace Initiative sponsored by Saudi in 2002 that assures Israel complete ties with Arab states in case a peace arrangement is approached with the Palestinians.

Circumstances for that, although, should be on the basis of internationally recognized parameters, he stated.