4 Reasons Why Wallet Chains Are Back in Style in

The metal wallet chain began to be used during the 50s with dizzying bikers. As the trend was to perform various exhibitions on motorcycles, so they had to provide what was valuable to them – wallets. A couple of decades later, the metal chain on the jeans was worn by rockers, punks and hip-hoppers, for the same reason but also as a new fashion trend. However, the wallet chain is slowly returning as an irresistible fashion detail and conquers an increasing number of the male population.

If we look at the fashion of 2024, even the one on the street, we can see that it is somehow going through the rock and roll style. Bikers (jackets), T-shirts, and even a wallet chain are slowly returning. However, the chain is not only a fashion but also a practical detail. In addition to the wallet, keys or a watch can be attached in retro style. With this fashion accessory, even the most ordinary fashion combination will work effectively and even fits in with an elegant combination.

1. A perfect fashion detail

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At first glance, one might imagine and conclude that a chain on pants or a jacket has no meaning or benefit at all. However, the same could be said for necklaces, earrings, rings and stuff like that. Fashion is not a thing that you could discuss, it just should be followed. People without discussion like to adapt their styles to what is popular.

That’s right, at fashion shows around the world that are announcing trends for 2024, the wallet chain got its place. It didn’t take it long to grow from one small fashion detail into a planetary popular one. This chain is indispensable in the collections of fashion greats such as Versace, Gucci, Prada, etc. Following the example of these brands, smaller and more affordable brands have embraced this trend, and the wallet chain has become available everywhere, in different combinations and at different prices.

Fashion is a cyclical phenomenon and the old fashion trends return in a slightly different form over and over again. Well the trend of 2024 could best be described as neon-rock-and-roll. If you, your older brother or father used to be rockers, feel free to unpack old things from the attic or the closet, you will surely find a wallet chain and join your new style.

2. Adaptable and always in fashion

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Have you ever happened to walk into a store, fill your shopping cart with groceries and see at the checkout that you forgot your wallet at home? Or worse: your wallet fell out in the back seat of a cab, on the subway, or on the street while you were buying a newspaper?! Thinking about whether the wallet is there and constantly poking your way into the pocket to make sure everything is ok is now over. You would never have problems like this with a wallet chain. It is “visible” enough that you cannot leave the house without it, and yet, in the trenches when your wallet slips out of a shallow pocket, it is there to “carry” it with you.

Once you carry the wallet chain, you will have a hard time going back to the old way. The benefit is double: you will be in trend this season, and yet its practical value is really great. Simple: you will adore this accessory.

3. Practice detail and when it’s not trendy

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It all started with a gentleman wearing a watch on a chain or a monocle, in the pocket of his jacket. As we mentioned before, in the fifties of the last century, motorcyclists used the idea of this wallet. They showed their skill on these angry vehicles and very often it happened that all the smaller things, but also the wallet, fell out of their pockets. They took this idea and applied it to what they needed most. Another reason: no one would want his wallet hundreds of miles away from him. The members of the motorcycle clubs were practical, having no idea that later that need would turn into a fashion trend.

Still, different trends come and go, but the wallet chain does not lose its use-value. With bikers, biker models are changing, also, jeans have been replaced by leather pants, then with worn jeans, but one detail, at least one of them, always remains: a wallet chain. The shapes and designs of these chains are different and the whole range of these irresistible accessories. Researching at bikerringshop.com, it is clear to you that the choice can indeed be overwhelming. Whether you follow fashion or not, this trend due to its practicality will get a special place in your style.

4. Luxury or retro style

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At the first thought of wallets on a chain, many have an association with “cheap” motorcycle styles or some alternative style. This is simply not the case and if you think about it a little better, you will see that a good part of musicians and actors who earn a lot of money are wearing this fashion detail as well. The chain that binds and secures the wallet can be made of silver, gold or some other precious material. Also, the wallets themselves can be luxurious and cost an unimaginable amount. These wallets with chains are of high quality and very often symbolize prestige.

Unlike people who enjoy luxury, some follow trends and don’t give too much money for fashion details because they change it from year to year. Currently the most popular in the world of mass production are trendy retro chains with which you can tie a wallet, keys, etc. These chains can be very long or completely similar to biker, leather or metal ones. It’s all a matter of fashion here, not quality, so your wallet isn’t entirely safe. But you will definitely be noticed as a fashionable person. Whichever style you belong to, you will be delighted with your wallet chain because it is both modern and practical.

The greatest charm of carrying a wallet chain is that no boundaries are set. They can fit into almost any style and any clothing combination. They can be worn in the traditional way (right-handers on the right and left-handers on the left), you can tie it to the back pocket, if the chain is long, you can make a belt out of it or you can fold it several times if you like to hear its rattle.

The choice is wide: there are a large number of models, a large number of different prices, different purposes, ways of carrying, etc. The choice of a wallet chain depends on the subculture to which you belong, but also on the purchasing power. If you decide on a wallet chain, you will choose it according to your possibilities and your style, but one thing is for sure: you will adore it.