Video: Doctors pull out 4-feet-long snake from woman’s mouth

Hyderabad(Hyd): In a hair-raising video footage that went viral on social media(SM) doctors are witnessed pulling out a 4-foot-long snake from a Russian lady’s mouth. Doctor has been horrified as she pulled out the reptile from that lady’s mouth.

The serpent is believed to have slithered in awhile the lady slept outdoor. After waking up the lady identified that something is unfair with her stomach. She has been dashed to the hospital (3). After check up doctors informed that a snake has slithered into her stomach.

With dexterity the doctors pulled out the snake after inserting a tube within the throat. As per records, doctors shot full video footage of the operation.

The lady is stated to be from that Levashi village in Dagestan, that is a mountainous area bordering the Caspian Sea. As per residents, older residents advise citizens not to sleep outdoor due to the risk of snakes accessing their own mouths.

The Ministry of Health within the Republic of Dagestan stated it has been interrogating the video footage.