US State Department IG resigns

Washington(WA): US State Dept. Inspector Gen. (IG) Stephen Akard has resigned under 3 mos after President Donald Trump fired the recent internal watchdog, an officer said.

On Wed., Akard’s deputy, Diana Shaw, informed the IG’s employees that he has been leaving, records Politico information.

Though Akard’s last day on the job is officially Fri., he’s not awaited to back to the workplace for the remainder of the week.

Shaw going to lead the workplace for the time being.

In response to the development (devt), Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated: “He left to go back house. This happens. I don’t have anything extra to add to that.

Akard, a previous career Foreign Service official has been appointed as the Dept.’s acting IG in May upon the ouster of Steve Linick, a Justice Dept. veteran appointed to the watchdog character in 2013 by previous President Barack Obama.

Prior to being called acting inspector gen., Akard has been racing the Workplace of Foreign Missions in the State Dept., a position he kept even awhile serving as the new watchdog.