UoH startup comes up with physical distance monitoring tool

Hyderabad(Hyd): Social distancing & wearing masks were proven to be quite efficient steps to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Maintaining a social distance of 6 ft from different citizens could lessen the probability of transmitting the infection from an contaminated human to an uninfected 1. Taking such precautions could safeguard the necessity for quarantine thereafter from loved ones & family (4).

Maven Labs, a start-up company based in the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in the University of Hyderabad(Hyd) (UoH) has come up with a tool named SudRz (Sanskrit, meaning – keen-sighted) developed under Project METIS (Medical Engineering(Engr.)

Technology Industrial Strategy)This tool could monitor physical distance in a spot with huge foot-falls by finding whether the social distance between citizens is at the least 6 ft.

The tool analyzes real-time video footage streaming from cameras (eg. CCTV) & identifies social distancing violations utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm between all pairs of persons.

Distancing violations are conveyed, with alarm features on the screen with persons framed in a box. Cameras with IP enabled are enough to execute the system.

The tool has an added further built-in feature for Facial Recognition utilizing AI. Once an identification of a face is made with different identifying statistics like passport number (or) staff number, contact less processing by remote facial recognition could be utilized for functions & places like selective entry into restricted regions, attendance supervising, airports, & and so on. This helps to make sure staff & people safety.