UFC 247 Results Update: Winners, Highlights & Bonuses

Jon Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion till now.

At the main event of UFC 247 night on Saturday, Jones won a decision to keep his name. The scorecards were suspicious.

Two judges scored the fight 48-47 for Jones, and also a third, scored it 49-46 for its winner. The border looks criminal, although the benefit is permissible.

It had been Reyes shooting shots, Even though Jones landed a proportion of his strikes during the first 3 rounds. Feb UFC Fight Stats, Reyes outlanded Jones 82-58 throughout the first 3 rounds concerning significant strikes.

Jones took on the struggle in the fifth and fourth rounds with the gasoline tank and his pressure. He procured two takedowns mastered the championship rounds and outlanded that the challenger 46-34.

That has been sufficient to express success. When there was among the 3 rounds which could be contended in Jones’ favor, it was the instant.

Even though Reyes landed 11 more strikes, Jones landed some telling blows to the body and mind that might have pushed against a quote in his favour. Bear in mind, judges do not have battle stats.

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