Priyanka asked to vacate govt accommodation within 1 month

New Delhi: The govt has inquired Congress Gen. Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of party chief Sonia Gandhi, to vacate her govt accommodation in a mo as she’s no longer within the list of Special Protection Crowd (SPG).

However the Priyanka Gandhi’s workplace stated it’d not got any circular from that govt yet.

The govt in an order, here on Wed., stated it’d postponed the govt accommodation allocated to Priyanka Gandhi with the direction to vacate the home in 1 mo.

The Ministry of House Affairs in its Jun 30 communication had stated Priyanka Gandhi were assigned ‘Z plus’ security with the CRPF cover on the all-India(In) basis, that didn’t have any provision for allotment (or) retention of govt accommodation.

The people with ‘Z plus’ security cover weren’t entitled to govt accommodation, it stated & added further, exceptions can be made only by this Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (CCA), on the basis of security perception evaluation by this MHA.

“In see of this, she’s no longer entitled to govt accommodation & her allotment was postponed by this Directorate of Estate on Jul 1, 2024 with the direction to vacate the home in 1 mo,” the order stated.

According to reports, she’s accumulated INR 3,46,677 fees as on Jun 30, 2024. She was released circular to evident fees & rent for the period until she vacates the accommodation.

Although, the workplace of Priyanka Gandhi informed IANS it’d not got any circular to vacate the home. Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of previous PM Rajiv Gandhi, has been allocated Bangalow No 35 in south Delhi(DL)’s Lodhi Estate on Feb 21, 1997 on security grounds as a SPG protectee.

The CCA in its gathering on Dec 7, 2000, reviewed the instructions on allotment of govt accommodation on security grounds & ruled that in future no private human, different than SPG protectees, must be given govt accommodation on security grounds.

Such allotments have been to be finished in the market rate, about 50 times of regular rent. “Thereafter, in Jul 2003, it has been ruled to charge special rate of license fee i.e. 20 times the regular rent from such people,” it stated.