Himayat Sagar gates likely to be lifted, if rains continue after 10 years

Hyderabad(Hyd): With heavy rains lashing Telangana (TL) & Hyderabad(Hyd), the water board is likely to open the flood gates of the Himayat Sagar. Over 200 families residing on the banks of the Musi River have been also moved to the safer places in this city on Sun..

Over the past mo, the city adminsitration were hoping for great inflows into the historical Himayat Sagar, that is regarding a century old.

It may be observed that the gates of the lake have been opened regarding a decade back till as of now. Burra Mahender Goud, Bandlaguda Mayor, toured Himayat Sagar on Sun. & held a pooja for great rain. “In case there is extra rainfall within the coming weeks, we’ll open the  flood gates,” he stated.

As of Sun. in the evening, locals of Shankernagar, Chaderghat, Moosanagar & neighboring regions were cautioned, as there is a danger of the Musi River going to rising.

Authorities of the Hyderabad(Hyd) Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) have also being deployed in the Himayat Sagar dam for constant supervising of the water levels.

The current water level on Sun. of the Himayat Sagar has been 1759.40 ft as agains its Complete Tank Level of 1763 ft. The water level in Osman Sagar has also risen & is as of now in 1771.90, as over its FTL of 1790.00 ft.

INTACH state convener Anuradha reddy, who has been also in the website on Sun. stated, “The gates have been raised 10 yrs. back in 2010. From afterwards a plenty of properties have come up within the catchment & floodwaters draining region, locals residing within the same regions are likely to be affected. The dam is nearly 100 yr. old as of now. It’s saving Hyderabad(Hyd) from being flooded for ages as of now,” she added further.

“The water going to be declared in case level it it crosses 1760 ft in Himayat sagar,” an officer from that water board stated. He added further that the inflows into the Osman Sagar were filling the lake now. As per sources, about 200 families staying within the catchment regions on the banks of Musi River. The catchment regions contain Bahadurpura, Puranapul, Nayapul, Kishanbagh, & such different regions on the banks of Musi River.