Twinj My Lifeline Episode 46

A quick recap: Kunj chooses to believe Usha this time about & ends up unleashing his own anger on Alisha instead, following that she’s dragged far away by this police. He afterwards surprises Twinkle with the picture that as of now hangs in its place rightfully.

“Kunj! Dry your hair! It’s dripping wet! You’ll fall ill!” Twinkle exclaimed when Kunj slouched lazily beside her on the couch after getting out of the shower. “What’s it to you?” He responded irritably, surprising her. “What’s that supposed to mean? I’m concerned for you, Kunj!” She said staring in him annoyed.

“Actually? What made you think I wasn’t ‘concerned’ for you due to that you didn’t tell me that Alisha wound you so horribly?” He dissented, his own eyes involuntarily slipping to the scars that had started to fade far away, however have been still visible, & they looked bad even as of now.

She sighed in relief & giggled, pleased that he wasn’t really miffed, it has been just his own way of demonstrating his own worry, & she can only be delighted regarding it. She imagined he looked actually cute right afterwards after all.

His own eyes repatriated to hers when he heard her laughter, & they looked displeased, to say the least. “So that is what this tantrum is regarding!” She spoke, as she attempted to take (2) the towel from him to dry his own hair, however he conducted it far from her approach.

“I’m not the 1 who throws tantrums! I’m not informing you that you accomplish either, however. What’s actually important now is that I’m not talking to you. In complaint you didn’t circular.”

He announced as he changed far away, & Twinkle shook her head in amusement before getting up & walking around the room to gain him the other towel from that closet that the 2 of them had just reorganised after she’d precisely demanded.