KCR must increase hospitals, not crematoria for COVID patients: Gudur

Hyderabad(Hyd): Telangana (TL) Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy expressed deep worry over records of the State Govt setting up 5 new LPG-based crematoria in Hyderabad(Hyd) in see of the raising no. of COVID-19 instances within the twin cities of Hyderabad(Hyd) & Secunderabad.

According to media records, the LPG-fuelled crematoria are likely to be installed in Hindu cremation grounds within the Charminar, Khairtabad, Secunderabad, Uppal & Kukatpally areas within the next 15 days with every having a capability of cremating 12 bodies each day. “The COVID-19 number of deaths in Telangana (TL), as being shown in officer Media Bulletin. This has never exceeded 15 on any given day. In case the officer figures are genuine, afterwards why is the State Govt is creating arrangements to cremate 60 extra bodies apart from the existing crematoria? Are the officials expecting the status to worsen furthermore (or) are they hiding an already worsened condition from that citizens?” he inquired.

“Govts that don’t establish hospitals for common citizens, end up apartment crematoria. CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao going to be remembered in biography as the leader who did nothing to safeguard citizens’s lives, however made arrangements for their own last rites. CM KCR Government has wasted a plenty of precious time to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It miserably failed to trace & test the suspects. Consequently, the contaminated citizens shifted freely within the community awhile spreading the infection amongst the rest of the public. Furthermore, hospitals weren’t upgraded at the right time that rised the number of deaths,” he claimed.

Narayana Reddy stated that the CM must have committed all resources to handle the Coronavirus status within the initial phases. Although, CM KCR focussed on diverting citizens’s attention & hiding real numbers of COVID-19 instances & demises. In spite of a raise in both the amount of positive instances & demises, the State Govt is not upgrading the hospitals by assuring delivery of quality oxygen & needed medicines. He stated multiple demises were recorded within the last couple of days where sufferers in govt hospitals passed away because of non-availability of oxygen.

The Congress leader also claimed that the information of infra-structure & bed occupancy in govt hospitals being given by this Director of People Health within the daily Media Bulletin has been incorrect & deceiving. “According to the Media Bulletin, of 18,547 Active Instances (as on Aug One until eight prime minister), up to 12,001 have been getting medication in House/Institutional Quarantine. It means that a overall of 6,546 are confessed in hospitals. The bulletin states that a overall of 2,397 berths involving 829 Quarantine; 1,298 Oxygen & 270 ICU berths in govt hospitals have been occupied. This means that the rest 4,149 sufferers are getting medication in 94 private hospitals. The Health Minister must clear as to why a most of sufferers have been preferring medication in private hospitals in case the govt hospitals have great facilities?” he inquired.

“Though the govt is claiming that 15,810 berths in govt hospitals are vacant, numerous sufferers have been being refused admission (or) being subjected to mental torture that is enforcing relatives to reach private hospitals,” he claimed.

Narayana Reddy stated according to the officer figures given within the Media Bulletin, currently there have been 15,810 berths vacant in govt hospitals that contain 3,365 oxygen & 1,346 ICU berths. Similarly, as numerous 2,420 berths, involving 780 oxygen & 421 ICU berths (Ventilator/CPAP) are vacant in 94 private hospitals. This clearly means that the Telangana (TL) Govt wasn’t prepared to handle the status in case the COVID-19 instances rise in the same pace. “The amount of Coronavirus instances have doubled within the last 20 days. There have been 33,402 instances on Jul 12 & they’ve rised to 66,667 on Aug One with 18,547 active instances. Thus, just how would the govt handle the status in case active instances gain doubled within the next 15-20 days?” he stated.

The Congress leader stated that in place of detecting means to tamper with the statistics of COVID instances & demises awhile exploring means for fast cremation of bodies, the CM KCR Govt must target on strengthening the health infra-structure so as to safeguard as numerous lives as possible, he insisted.