Tunisian parliament condemns UAE, Israel agreement

Tunis: Condemning an settlement between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) & Israel, Tunisia’s parliament on Mon. regarded it as an infringement of the Palestinian citizens’s rights along with a danger over the Arab & Islamic position that refuses normalization.

Stressing its principled stand with the 1st cause of the Arab & Islamic globe, the Palestinian cause, the parliament condemned “the bad prospects of this step, specially in this circumstance in that there is successive aggression over the Palestinian citizens with Zionist annexation of Palestinian lands.”

The Tunisian parliament demonstrated its “absolute solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian citizens in liberating their own land & establishing their own independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

On Aug 13, Israel & the UAE approached the historical settlement to work (5) towards a “complete normalization of relations.”

In the context of the settlement, Israel going to halt the annexation of Palestinian lands within the occupied West Bank, awhile it focuses on extending ties with different Arab nations with different countries within the Muslim globe.

The UAE & Israel going to also immediately expand & accelerate cooperation about the medication of & the development (devt) of a vaccine for COVID-19.

As per records, this is the 1st peace treaty between Israel & an Arab nation in 25 yrs..

Palestine has also slammed the peace settlement, informing it has been “disgraceful” & a “blow to the Arab Peace Initiative & the decisions of the Arab & Islamic summits, & an aggression over the Palestinian citizens”.