Tujhyat Jeev Rangala 20th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Tujhyat Jeev Rangala 20th November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (20-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhyat Jeev Rangala 20th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kalyani requests Malhar to marry Avni to fulfil his own assure to his own Dad & brother. Malhar takes Sindoor from Kalyani & throws it informing it’s issue of lifes not game.

Anupriya supports Malhar. Sarthak requests Anupriya to not involve in their own issue. Kalyani states it’s issue of Avni unborn baby Nd in case you won’t marry her than community going to call that kid as illegimate & I really know that pain, in case I didn’t had come back you’ll be her spouse & dad to her kid so think like I’m passed.

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Malhar gets stunned. Mukku happily comes to them with Bandaid, Aifi you’re feeling pain na so let me bandAid you si you’ll feel best. Mukku attaches bandAid to Malhar & Kalyani near their own hearts.

Malhar states he could’t accomplish it than Kalyani requests him to don’t run from his own responsibilities. Malhar requests Sarthak to begin the arrangements of his own marriage with Avni & leaves. Mukku gets stunned. Kalyani cries.

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Mukku states Aifi you’re crying because he’s marrying that bad aunty right. Sarthak takes Mukku with him. Anupriya consoles Kalyani & requests why she’s doing this Avni who hates her. Kalyani states she could’t run from her past. Anupriya hugs her.

Malhar imparts sample of Mukku to Pawar for DNA test. Pawar requests what happens to Kalyani mam in case you marry Avni. Malhar states why to care for her when it’s her choice? She’s becoming mataji so I’ll marry Avni & fulfil Kalyani wishes.

Mukku sits within the water tub with God idols. Anupriya requests her to come out however Mukku sats she don’t come out till god fulfil her wishes. Sarthak requests what’s happening. Anupriya states Mukku is sitting in cold water & this may wound her. Sarthak requests what does she need?

Mukku states she don’t need Police to marry bad aunty because it’ll make my Aifi sad. Avni gets angry & requests Sarthak to handle her otherwise don’t really know what she become after grown up. Moksh states she’ll not becomes like her.

Kalyani comes to them. Sarthak requests Kalyani to not interfere in their own entire family matters. Mukku requests him to don’t talk in that way with my Aifi. Kalyani goes informing it’s okay. Sarthak goes to develop meal for Mukku & informs to Anupriya that she’ll come out seeing meal. Aaosaheb requests Mukku to comeout otherwise God going to gain angry.

Mukku rejects than she senses delicious smell from Sarthak foods & smiles however than she imagines she’s bad to forget her Aai fi in meal greed. Sarthak gets amgey .

Anupriya requests Sarthak to let Kalyani talk to her once. Kalyani comes there with water tub with ice cubes. Kalyani sits within the water tub. Mukku requests Anupriya to make his own Ai fi to come out. Kalyani states she won’t come out till Mukku doesn’t come out of the water & it’s my wish.

Moksh states you’ll catch fever. Kalyani states let it come, I’ll not come out from here & than she sneezes that makes Moksh comes out from water & requests Kalyani to comeout. Mukku states his own vow got broken?

Anupriya states in case you inquire from heart afterwards God going to fulfil your wishes. Mukku states so Police won’t marry that bad aunty. Sarthak shouts Mukku.

Anupriya takes her inside. Sarthak requests Kalyani to stay far from his own entire family & informs that after Malhar & Avni’s marriage they’ll go far from this home. Kalyani looks on.

Kalyani comes out of the home & notices Malhar comes in his own jeep. Malhar states come Madam & salutes her opening her car door. Kalyani requests what are you doing.

Malhar states he’s doing his own work & going to fulfil my work for Avni also so go madam youre getting late for the gathering. Kalyani leaves in car sadly.

In night Kalyani sees her pics with Malhar & states to Anupriya that hope rised in her when she hits to really know Malhar ji is not wedded than I imagined we could becomes happy entire family with my Pillu however everything turned & as of now I’ve to live for my Pillu & that lever has been pulled by error however I don’t have evidences to prove it that’s why Moksh is residing fraud personal life like lady.

Anupriya states bappa going to support them than Kalyani gets Pawar call & he requests her to notify Malhar that DNA record going to come tomorrow informing Malhar number is not reachable. Kalyani gets stunned. Anupriya requests what happened.

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