Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Tujhse Hai Raabta 25 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (25-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Malhar crying & telling Kalyani that his own sister’s personal life is stopped.

Within the fire. Kalyani requests what are you informing? In case Swara is okay? Malhar states Swara is no extra, she left us.

He states she attempted to fight with personal life, however, lost in front of your chacha’s harassment. She requests going to you bring her back? Kalyani hugs him & cries.

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He sits down shattered. Kalyani requests what has been the want to marry in this status, you’d have informed me. Malhar gets up & throws Swara’s diary on Kalyani. Kalyani reads it in that Swara had written that Aao Saheb has obliged her emotionally to marry Vivek.

However, after the marriage, Vivek initiated harassing her. She informs that when I informed everything to Maayi, afterwards she inquired me not to tell anything & let the things happen. She states when I inquired for her support to file Police case.

She denied to support me. Kalyani states this is all lie & informs that I’ve given this diary to Police & had read only 2-3 pages. He states my Aai couldn’t accomplish this unfair & injustice. Malhar states I hope this from you.

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You all are accountable for my sister’s demise. Anupriya takes Aao Saheb to her room & imparts her water. She requests in case she’s okay? Aao Saheb looks on. Anupriya states Swara is no extra, it’s unbelievable.

Aao Saheb states Malhar informed that he’ll take avenge from everybody. Anupriya states I didn’t really know that Vivek Bhao has been harassing her, else I’d have helped her. Aao Saheb imagines I’ve written within the diary that you understood everything.

As of now Malhar going to believe this & won’t leave you. A Facebook is shown, she imagines you didn’t support Swara intentionally. She states this globe is cruel, you & your daughter have destroyed my son’s personal life, as of now Malhar won’t leave you both.

Kalyani informs Malhar that Aai couldn’t watch anybody’s pain. Malhar requests her to readjust how nice she has been? Kalyani reads within the dairy that Anupriya desired to take avenge from Sarthak & that’s why she desires his own niece to gain harassment.

Malhar requests what accomplish you need to say that my sister & I are liars & informs that my baba passed away because of Nal, & my sister passed away because of Vivek. He states Anupriya is also guilty & responsibility for Swara’s demise.

He states even you’re engaged in this offence. He states in case Mukku haven’t come there, afterwards also I wouldn’t have wedded Avni. He states it has been required for me to marry you.

That’s why I inquired {hospital} officials not to tell you regarding Swara’s demise. Kalyani states you couldn’t accomplish this with me & states we both have awaited for this day, states we’re wedded & marriage is a assure.

Malhar assures her that he won’t let any happiness come in her personal life & assures to give her all this pain that his own sister bear & assures to make her great personal life like hell. He states I’ve no different way than this, to take avenge from your Maayi.

Afterwards, my avenge going to be finished. Kalyani states my Aai is not guilty. Malhar requests accomplish you’ve evidence? He requests accomplish you need me to send her to jail. Kalyani folds her hand & pleads with him, telling that her Aai is not guilty.

Malhar states your Aai is guilty. He pushes her on the bed & goes. Mukku holds Avni’s bleeding hand as the latter commits suicide & calls Anupriya. Anupriya shouts Kalyani. Mukku requests in case she doesn’t really know that her hand is cut.

Sarthak takes Mukku from there. Malhar comes there & talks to Doctor states he’ll bring Avni there. Anupriya requests him to be careful. He looks in her with anger. Sarthak informs Anupriya that Malhar informed him everything regarding Swara’s diary.

States as of now their own happy lives going to be no extra. Kalyani sits down shattered. Anupriya requests what has been Sarthak telling? Malhar is taking Avni out in his own arms. Sarthak states you don’t have to marry Kalyani to take avenge from them.

Why are you ruining your personal life? He states this mom & daughter don’t deserve to be in our lives. He states I couldn’t stay here & going to go from here. Malhar states this mom & daughter’s pain going to relieve my sister’s soul.

Avni might be pretending to be senseless. Kalyani informs everything to Anupriya. Anupriya states she actually didn’t really know anything & would’ve gone over Aao Saheb too. Kalyani states I don’t want any explanation from her.

Anupriya requests why did Swara write this? Aao Saheb states you’ll never know that I’ve written this. Anupriya informs Kalyani that she’s afraid that Malhar might behave the same way like before.

Mukku comes there & requests where is bad aunty, in case she recovered? Kalyani states that Avni aunty is now in {hospital}, as she got a small wound. Mukku states as of now Police & you’re wedded & requests till when I’ve to play this game.

Kalyani states sorry. Mukku states I could play any game to stay with you. Pawar comes there. Kalyani requests Mukku to go & brush up her teeth. Mukku rejects, however, Kalyani sends her with Anupriya.

Pawar states Sarthak has registered case over you, that you obliged Avni to attempt suicide, amendment to suicide. Anupriya states just how could he accuse Kalyani? Kalyani has been getting Malhar & Avni wedded, however, Malhar filled Kalyani’s maang.

Aao Saheb states this globe is cruel, requests in case Malhar gave this gift to Kalyani. Pawar checks Avni’s room & informs regarding Avni’s suicide note, holding her accountable for her demise (however she didn’t pass away).

Kalyani requests him to accomplish his own work. Anupriya checks the warrant & states it’s not signed by Commissioner to detain DM. Kalyani states Pawar kaka going to talk to him & states Avni going to give her announcement after gaining consciousness.

Anupriya states she’ll give the unfair announcement. Kalyani requests Anupriya not to let Mukku really know. Pawar brings Kalyani to the custody room & informs that he’s helpless. Kalyani requests him not to worry. He states Avni got consciousness. Kalyani is worried for Mukku.

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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