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Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Tujhse Hai Raabta (13-10-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Malhar opening his own laptop utilizing voice lock.

Kalyani imagines both Aai & Malhar ji are worried about her.

Sarthak comes there. Aao Saheb requests why did you come here?

Sarthak informs that he’s come for his own law purpose. He informs Kalyani that it doesn’t mean that she’ll not go to jail as the restraining orders are torn.

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He informs that someone from her workplace complained regarding her & informed that you aren’t participating workplace from couple of days & busy in personal affairs.

He states you’ll go to jail for this non professional work being a government staff. Malhar states I really know that you’ve utilized your influences & got this warrant.

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Sarthak states you could’t accomplish anything. Kalyani informs that she’s prepared to gain detained, in case the government feels that she’s not doing her work well.

Malhar informs that he’ll not let her detain. Aao Saheb informs that she’ll gain a big lawyer & gain her freed. Sarthak states your lawyer is Shinde & he’ll not fight this complaint as he knows that Sarthak Rane is the opposition lawyer. Malhar states you aren’t doing right.

Sarthak states whatever I’m doing is for Avni & your betterment. Lady constable handcuffs Kalyani & is taking her out with Sarthak. Kalyani stops for a minute & tries to talk to Aao Saheb, when Anupriya comes there & requests Kalyani not to go anywhere.

She requests Sarthak to show the circular. Sarthak smiles, what you’ll accomplish by reading the circular. You’ll cry & plead infront of Police, so that they leave your daughter. Anupriya demands. Kalyani requests what you’ll accomplish by seeing the circular. Sarthak takes circular from lady constable & imparts to Anupriya.

Anupriya reads the circular & informs that Kalyani didn’t go to workplace for 2 days as she has been functioning from workplace, work from house. She shows the papers that she took & informs that Kalyani has signed on-line.

She states Avni’s video footage that you’ve introduced in court, couldn’t be introduced as you’ve taken it from an information channel. She states Kalyani didn’t go to workplace as she has been trying to safeguard Malhar.

She informs Sarthak that he should have well-known that on a humanitarian field, Kalyani’s absence shall be agreed.

She informs that she’s all this evidences that he informed just as of now & threatened Kalyani for utilizing her secretary over her. She shows the anticipatory bail papers. She states you could gain debarred from that law practice.

She requests lady constable to open her handcuff. Malhar smiles happily, awhile Kalyani smiles & is surprised. Lady constable opens her handcuff. Kalyani requests in case she’d met a lawyer.

Anupriya informs that she’d made these papers & got sign of the professor of his own college. Kalyani is surprised. Aao Saheb & Pallavi gain stunned.

Anupriya informs that she’d studied LLB graduation that had Godaveri’s name, however really she’d studied law & Godaveri didn’t go to college even as of now.

She informs everything & apologizes to Aao Saheb. She states I’ve to say fact to safeguard my daughter.

Kalyani requests what’s this Aao Saheb. Anupriya informs that Aao Saheb didn’t accomplish any error, she’d offered this, as Godaveri desired graduation & I need to research. Sarthak laughs & states each day a new drama happens here.

Kalyani requests him to laugh & informs that her Aai is a lawyer. Sarthak states she’s a lawyer without graduation like I’m a doctor without graduation and so on. He requests Anupriya just how she’ll combat complaint, by stammering.

Malhar requests just how could you say this? Sarthak states I forgot that citizens gain offended regarding me & informs that she’s not having graduation so she’s not a lawyer. Anupriya states she doesn’t need graduation.

Kalyani requests why? She requests Sarthak to take Anupriya’s tough test being a law professor & states in case my Aai fails within the test afterwards she’ll forget regarding law, & in case she passes within the test afterwards you’ll support Aai gain graduation, being a great lawyer. Anupriya rejects. Kalyani states overruled.

Sarthak imparts 24 hours to Anupriya to develop for the examination & states the court is postponed for the day. He wears specs & leave. Kalyani informs Malhar that she could accomplish this.

Malhar goes behind Sarthak & requests why are you doing this? you really know that it’ll be tough to develop in 24 hours & states I really know you’ll make the paper tough.

He requests why you’re taking avenge from them. Sarthak requests didn’t you really know that my happiness has been snatched due to Kalyani & Anupriya.

He informs that Anupriya got mad hearing Kalyani’s demise information & didn’t care for my baby who has been in her womb.

He states Kalyani repatriated due to Anupriya’s prayers, however the latter’s prayers have been less for my child. He informs that mom & daughter duo couldn’t love anybody else, as they love every different a lot & requests him to stay far from Kalyani.

He requests her not to forget that his own spouse worries & love him a lot & she could’t bear his own behaviour.

Malhar states you’re worried for Avni a lot & requests him to try to know Kalyani’s pain, who had lost her son infront of her & when she got a hope that her son is alive & she could locate him, however you need to snatch her happiness. Sarthak requests in case he’s not in his own senses & states Kalyani is not Moksh’s mom.

Malhar informs that nobody could be Moksh’s mom rather than Kalyani & informs that he needs to come in her senses.

Kalyani informs Godaveri that she’d finished fake & could go to jail. She informs Anupriya that Godaveri has finished an illegal thing & shall be punished.

Godaveri states I don’t need to go to jail, it has been Aaji (Aao Saheb) error as she desired me to becomes a lawyer.

Aao Saheb states this globe is lying & states in case you haven’t got the prepared afterwards who’d have conducted her hand.

Kalyani informs that this reason is not logical. Aao Saheb informs that Anupriya had only stated that it’ll benefit Godaveri & she’s doing this for Kalyani’s dream.

Anupriya informs Kalyani that she don’t need to becomes a lawyer & don’t need to write the test. She states I don’t have confidence as when I gain nervous, I stammer & couldn’t say a line (or) write my name.

Kalyani holds her hand & makes her write her hand. She states she’ll boost her confidence & requests her to brush up her knowledge.

She states you’ve to accomplish this for me, I want you, you’ve to fight with Kaka so that he couldn’t snatch my Billu from me.

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Anupriya nods her head. Kalyani requests her not to accomplish home work for 24 hours & just concentrate on studies. Aao Saheb states who enforces her to accomplish home work.

Pawar comes there. Kalyani requests in case Malhar ji is okay. Pawar reports her that he got info regarding the human mixing glass pieces within the laddoo. Kalyani is stunned.

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