Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th October 2024 Written Update: Twist…

Avni speaking to the doctor & states Kaka should have named you. The doctor states he’ll come there in 30 mins.

Avni states in case something happens to my spouse, requests what accomplish you mean by 30 mins. Kalyani comes there.

Avni states you had come again & requests her not to dare to go to her spouse. Kalyani requests her not to block her from going to Malhar ji & states you didn’t watch my anger yet.

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She requests her to stand there silently & don’t come in her way. She goes to Malhar & puts the Brahma kamal juice in Malhar’s mouth, states you’ll be fine. Avni states Kalyani…& is upset.

Kalyani prays to Ganapati Bappa to make him fine & Malhar why is he becomes stubborn & not getting fine shortly. She states we’ve to search Billu, you couldn’t run far from your responsibilities.

She requests him to open his own eyes & gain up. She locates movement in his own hands & requests him to open his own eyes. Malhar opens his own eyes a bit. Kalyani gratitude Bappa & states everything going to be fine.

Avni states I won’t let you enter my home, this thing is not right. Anupriya tries to talk to the lawyer & nobody is prepared to take (2) the complaint. She states why everybody is afraid of Sarthak.

Kalyani requests Avni why is she staring in her & informs her that she’s prepared to bear the punishment.

Sarthak comes there with the lady constable & informs that Malhar needs to be taken to the hospital (3), & this lady. Just afterwards he sees movement in Malhar & calls his own name.

Kalyani requests Malhar to sleep & states everything is fine here. She states my Aai taught me so much knowledge & due to that, I’d took Brahma kamal flower for Malhar ji. Sarthak states he’ll gain her statue installed outdoor the PS & requests Constable to detain her.

Kalyani stops her & states it’s not yet 7 am & as per law, no lady could be detained before 7 am. Sarthak states don’t be happy, just some hours are left. He requests Constable to await outdoor & informs that he’s here.

Sarthak, Avni & Kalyani are all in Malhar’s room. Kalyani is worried for Malhar & is still awake, awhile Avni sleeps. Kalyani imagines Malhar ji gets well shortly as when she goes to jail afterwards he’s to search Moksh alone.

Sarthak also sleeps. Kalyani is still awake & imagines it’s going to be 7 am shortly. She imagines Malhar ji gain up. Sarthak wakes up & checks the time. He calls Lady constable & requests her to detain Kalyani.

Kalyani is going to Malhar, however Avni stops her angrily holding her hand. Malhar wakes up & holds Kalyani’s hand. He states Kalyani won’t go anywhere.

Sarthak shows the restraining orders to lady constable & requests her to detain her. He states Kalyani has broken the law & going to snatch Moksh from you.

Malhar snatches the papers & tears it. He holds Kalyani’s hand. Sarthak is stunned & informs that Kalyani wants to snatch Moksh from you. He states Kalyani shan’t be near you (or) Moksh.

Malhar states Kalyani is Moksh’s Aai & she’s right on him, & nobody could snatch this right from her, not even me. Sarthak states you’re blinded by her love. Malhar states you’re blinded by revenge & informs that Kalyani has a special place in his own personal life & nobody could snatch it from him.

Malhar requests Kalyani to come & they leave from house. Kalyani requests what happened to you Malhar ji..you has been senseless until sometime & demanding to drop me house. She requests him to go & rest, informs that nobody could detain her as he’s torn the papers.

Malhar states you don’t really know Kaka & informs that whenever he hates (or) loves with intensity. Kalyani states just how could you be so casual, you’re still in pain. Malhar states you couldn’t know my pain & informs that just how I’ll handle Moksh alone.

He states Moksh might be quite mischievous by as of now & he could’t sleep without hearing your song. Kalyani sees Baba misses you Moksh kite & informs that they’ll search Moksh together.

Malhar states this going to happen when I safeguard you from detain & informs that they want to search a great lawyer. They sit within the jeep & leave.

Avni states we couldn’t gain Kalyani detained & requests what going to happen with my child. She states my baby is Rane’s family (4) baby & you’ve assured me.

Sarthak talks to someone & informs Avni that in case Malhar imagines that Kalyani won’t go to jail, afterwards he’s unfair. Kalyani going to go to jail anyhow. Malhar talks to the lawyer & informs that each lawyer is afraid to take (2) the complaint over Kaka.

Kalyani requests him to relax. She imagines his own condition going to deteriorate extra & imagines to accomplish something. She opens his own laptop. Malhar talks to a lawyer & gets angry when he rejects to take (2) the complaint.

Malhar requests Kalyani did you gain the list. Kalyani states you might gain it. Malhar tries to open the laptop & requests did you alter the password.

Kalyani states she’s kept the voice password that main Kalyani ki har baat manunga…Malhar states what’s this & requests her to alter. Kalyani requests him to say it. He states it & the laptop opens. She imagines some of the comedy is required.

Kalyani comes house & requests Aao Saheb regarding Aai. Aao Saheb states she doesn’t really know & requests where have been you last night. Malhar comes there.

Aao Saheb sees him & requests just how dare you come here & informs that even she’ll gain court orders over you. Malhar states I didn’t come here to fight, however had come to fight with Kaka for Kalyani.

He states I’ll listen to Kalyani’s each saying to open his own laptop. Kalyani smiles. Aao Saheb looks on.

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