Trump to release new Supreme Court list in coming days – Says Meadows

President Trump scheduled to declare a shortlist of his own potential picks for Supreme Court justices “within the coming days,” White Home Chief of Employees Mark Meadows informed journalists on Tue.

Why it matters: Trump’s call to declare a similar list in May of 2016 likely helped shore up his own help amongst conservatives, for whom affirming judges to the Supreme Court & federal judiciary was a longtime priority.

What they’re informing: “We have been functioning on the SCOTUS picks, I do not really know that there’s being a delay as much as there was whole plenty of different priorities that we have been functioning on,” Meadows stated.

  • “I am optimistic that you will watch those SCOTUS picks in coming days. We have been functioning quite closely, the president has, with the White Home gen. counsel, getting input from a no. of remaining,” he added further.
  • “I am excited regarding the list, & the president going to be signing off on that within the coming days.”

The backdrop: Discussions regarding the list ramped up after Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s 1st Supreme Court nominee, delivered the majority call prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, Axios’ Alayna Treene recorded in Jun.

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