Trump, Biden Row: Trump, Biden tied in South Carolina: Poll

Washington(WA), October 1 : US President Donald Trump & Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have been tied within the state of SC, where the incumbent leader had formerly conducted a 10-point over his own rival.

The Quinnipiac poll declared on Wed. identified Trump in 48 percent & Biden in 47 percent amongst likely voters in SC, down from that President’s 6-point advantage within the same poll from 2 weeks back, records The Hill information site.

SC voters are evenly divided on the President’s handling of the Coronavirus epidemic & the economy.

Forty-nine percent viewed Biden favourably & unfavourably by 46 percent., awhile the President received a 48-48 split on favourability.

As per CBS/YouGov poll declared on Sun., Trump & Biden have been also neck-and-neck within the swing states of Georgia(GA) & NC.

In Georgia(GA) 47 percent of likely voters help Trump, versus 46 percent for Biden, awhile in
NC, 48 percent of likely voters supported the previous Vice President, versus 46 percent for the President.

Meantime, an NBC Information-Marist poll also declared on Sun. identified Biden leading Trump in 2 different swing states of Wisconsin(WI) & Michigan(MI).

Past month, the CBS Information Tracker disclosed that the states of Florida(FL) & Texas(TX) remain tight battlegrounds within the Nov 3 presidential election, records Politico information.

Within the 2016 election, Trump won both the states.

No Democratic presidential candidate has won Texas(TX) from Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Also late past month, an NBC Information/Wall Street Journal poll demonstrated Biden in front of Trump nationally by a margin of 51 percent to 43 percent.

In 12 battleground states, involving Florida(FL) however not Texas(TX), the previous Vice President’s lead has been 51 to 45.

The swing states are Florida(FL), Arizona(AZ), Georgia(GA), Iowa(IA), Maine(ME), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Nevada(NV), NH, NC, Pennsylvania(PA) & Wisconsin(WI).