Thappad Trailer: A Slap Changed Taapsee’s Reel Life

A day following Taapsee Pannu shared with the thought-provoking first appearance poster of her newest movie Thappad, she dropped the trailer on Friday.

Taapsee Pannu, famous for headlining movies on social problems, was cast from Thappad as a married girl, who experiences enormous transformation following a humiliating episode.

Coutesy: T-Series YT

The title of the film Thappad is indicative of exactly what precisely marks a turning point in Taapsee previously tranquil marriage. The trailer indicates Pavail Gulati, who performs the function of the husband of Taapsee, loses his hip and also slaps on Taapsee at a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, the Taapsee shared with the trailer with those phrases “Haan bas ek thappad… level nahi maar sakta (Yeah, it is only a smack… but he can not hit on you )!”

The trailer starts with the attorney telling her of Taapsee she has received requesting her restart her life. Taapsee is living separately from her husband To be able to comprehend, the attorney asks Taapsee when she is having difficulty with her in-laws if both of these have an affair.

When Taapsee clarifies the circumstance, the urge appears at Taapsee with furrowed eyebrows, stating: “Thus, it is only a smack”.

Even the Thappad trailer additionally integrates glimpses of both all Taapsee’s formerly happily-married lifetime to supply you a sharp contrast to her entire existence for a woman fighting for justice.

Amidst apologies that are powerful stand asks to draw guidance and her criticism and that is what produces the preview. Taapsee Pannu’s transformation by a playful housewife into some strong-willed woman decided to not allow the thappad episode pass at the garb of bias is striking.

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