Tension along the India-China border: the truth of the occupation of the Indian Army on Mount Kailash – Fact Check

In this sequence, daily information comes ahead of various places of Ladakh.

For the last 1 week, it was said on social media(SM) that the Indian Troops has nabbed Mount Kailash & Mansarovar.

This thing is being spread on social media(SM) daily.

A picture is also being revealed with this information, in that it’s stated that Indian warriors are hoisting the tricolor on Mount Kailash.

It was said that these are photos of the Kailash mountain after joining India(In).

The same picture has also being tweeted from that Twitter account(a/c) of Main Gen. GD Bakshi (retd), however it has been written that the Indian Troops is moving towards taking Kailash mountain. This tweet has been retweeted over 3000 times.

This information of occupation on Mount Kailash didn’t block here.

After this, after taking a screenshot of the information of a private TV channel on social media(SM), numerous consumers tweeted that the Indian Troops has nabbed the Kailash mountain range.

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