Since May, this gravedigger has buried over 15 corona victims

Hyderabad(Hyd): The COVID-19 epidemic has took stories of frontline labour who’re functioning on the field level in spite of all this risks to the fore. From doctors & nurses to civic labour & police, these stories are complete of commitment & selfless service.

After the information vent viral over social media(SM) that 200 bodies were buried in Chanchalguda graveyard in the last 8 days. Our reporter spoke to this grave digger there to verify the fact during the COVID-19 outburst.

Mohammed Khan, 28 the cemetery superintendent in Sultan Dai-e-ra Graveyard near Chanchalguda Jail is a fourth-generation cemetery worker.

Khan & fifteen members of his own family (4) are taking care of this place. He with his own brothers have buried over 15 COVID-19 sufferers in Chanchalguda cemetery till date.

In discussion with reporter, Khan said that no none in his own family (4) has ever witnessed this kinda status before. Although he wasn’t given with protection gear (PPE kit) all this time. He buried 10 bodies without wearing PPE. In some of the instances, the family (4) members of the demised gave some of the to them. Although, largely Khan & his own family (4) members have been just covering their own faces.

Khan stated, “The 1st Coronavirus sufferer has been buried within the mo of Mar during this observance of the 1st stage of the stringent lock-down. The body has been buried by this GHMC labour. We have been scared to touch the body. As of now that the instances & demises have rised, we got (1) utilize to it. The only fear in our heart is of our family (4) members getting affected. Even we’ve small kids in house. Thus, in case the Telangana (TL) Waqf Board (or) the Greater Hyderabad(Hyd) Municipal Corporation (GHMC) give us proper protection gear it’d be helpful for us & to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Khan informed.

When inquired regarding the viral information that over 200 bodies have been in 8 days, Khan affirmed it. Within the recent mo, 200 bodies have been buried by us however not all of them have been COVID-19 sufferers. About 10 to 12 have been COVID-19 sufferers.

Khan also disclosed that 9 to 12 bodies are being buried daily due demises via with different health issues like several organs failure, heart attack & and so on.

Whenever a janaza (funeral procession) arrives within the graveyard (or) whenever citizens come to inquire for burial space, we inquire them just how the human passed away. After inquiring regarding the reason of demise we begin getting ready for the burial.

With immense fear about even touching COVID sufferers’ bodies, Khan mentioned just how family (4) members of the passed (or) the hospital (3) employees aren’t prepared to unload the body.

“What’s sad is that the ambulance citizens bring the body awhile family (4) members are standing afar. Both the family (4) members ambulance personnel tell every different to take (2) the body out however nobody gets about to doing it shortly sufficient.”

Khan also said that some of the part of the Chanchalguda Graveyard was separately allotted for COVID-19 sufferers’ bodies. 1 mo thereafter, that land has been also filled with COVID-19 sufferers thereafter on the guidelines of region corporator.

The other part of that land within the same graveyard that is quickly filling up with bodies has been given for COVID-19 sufferers.

AIMIM Corporator Mohammed Murtuza Ali, stated, “Over 200 bodies were buried within the Chanchalguda graveyard involving COVID-19. However as of now the Coronavirus sufferers’ bodies going to be inquired to go to Faqeer Mullah in Balapur that is earmarked for COVID-19 burials only as there is no place left within the Chanchalguda graveyard.

Those who already have their own members in this graveyard are only permitted to have the grave within the Chanchalguda Qabristan (graveyard).”