Shubharambh 13th January 2024 Episode Update: Rani Lost House Keys

Shubharambh 13th January 2024 Episode Update;

Rani moves from Raja. Raja tells her not to be worried about the plane. Rani says I’ll hold your hands. Raja says I won’t ever depart from your hand. Rani smiles.

Utsav is concerned that he does not have cash. His buddy tells him to steal.

Asha says that I would like you to earn laddoos for Raja and smirks in Kirtida. Kirtida says, what are you currently doing in Raja and Rani’s room? You can not fool me. Asha says I’ve 50 lacs and stops her, I’ve got it I will get my faith.

Rani comes to her residence. Virinda informs Raja your mom in law is great? Rani says that she is quite excellent. Virinda says you’ve got responsibilities. Rani says so I’m worried that they gave me home keys. Virinda says meet your responsibilities.

Kirtida has to understand who the tickets were compensated to by Asha. Kirtida believes it means the cash wasn’t got by Asha. Jharna informs her that last 11, Utsav arrived to fulfill Asha and they argued. Kirtida says and thanks to her watch on her.

Rani informs Virinda I miss you. Raja mends the shoes of Rani’s father. Utsav believes and sees Rani’s tote. Raja says we must return and gets the telephone of Asha. Rani looks on.

Rani and raja return home. Hiten says we desired the home keys. Rani says sorry, I took it with me, she assesses her back but can not locate the keys.

The replicate is got by utsav. His buddy tells him to sneak as Rani’s life should be thought about by you.

Next Scene,
The bag is checked by raja but can not locate the keys. Where are the secrets of the safe, kirtida states? Raja says she should have lost it. Rani states but Virinda could have predicted until today. Hitank says that they should have dropped it. Dadi states Rani should happen to be cautious. Rani says I’m sorry.

Virinda states Rani forgot her secrets and comes there, you ought to have been Rani. She requests the family. Kirtida says it is fine. Virinda leaves.

Utsav says I’m doing this to my sister and prays to God. I’ll do anything.

Asha believes that I must receive the amount. Rani states you ought to maintain these keys and comes to Asha. Kirtida says that you don’t stress, keep the secrets and comes. You should be concerned about your honeymoon training. Raja nods at Rani.

Raja and rani are currently packaging. Rani is concerned. Raja says it is okay that you will take a while.

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