Beyhadh 2, 13th January 2024 Update: Maya Brainwashes Rishi to Suicide

Rishi pleads her to not suicide and also makes any error and rushes to the apartment construction of Maya. Standing on patio says he drops down her sandal and arrived. Where she informs Rudra that Ananya is ideal for him, she moves into flashback.

He states that is exactly why he extends his hands and picked Ananya, but pulls back saying she walks off while she stands shedding tears and does not like shaking hands. The name song of serial plays in the background. She wipes her hands.

Rishi who’s the woman and what she’s doing is insisted by MJ. Rishi says Rudra is right that daddy is covetous and is concerned about himself. Rishi is shouted by MJ. Rishi says that he will die for her and enjoys her/Maya hugely.

MJ says with no consent and slaps him that he warns him to dare never to leave his room can not do anything. Rishi shouts he does not need the help of anyone, go to hell. The door is locked by MJ. Amir informs him that Ankit is also his very last call place was. MJ says it’s his mistake he got occupied in Rudra’s issues he disregarded Rishi.

House is returned by rudra. Daadi reveals sample rings and inquires if it’s very good because of his wedding. He nods yes.

Where has been the rather than getting ready for involvement would groom diya asks, they will need to select fabric colours. Ananya says not today she’ll talk to her might fiance. Why is tensed, whom did he fulfill, she takes him and asks.

He says he’s fine. She asks when he’s not able to take care of spontaneous conclusions and takes him, he was signaled by him meanwhile and they’re becoming engaged and cautions that as soon as they get engaged, she won’t permit anybody between them, not him. Rudra says nothing of this kind will take place and hugs her.

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