Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28th September 2024 Written Update: Jharana & Parmeet asks Heer’s help

The daily episode begins with Jharana arrives Virat’s room & sees that there is no 1 within the room.

However, still Jharana searches here & there as she imagines Heer is now in the room. However, when she couldn’t locate Heer she leaves the room.

Awhile Heer is hidden behind the curtain & comes out as shortly as Jharana leaves.

She informs senseless Virat that she’ll never come between him & Jharana & gets emotional. The next in the morning, Virat regains consciousness.

Everybody is happy to watch him & Virat is happy to watch Heer. The doctor requests Virat just how he’s feeling. Virat states he’s feeling great. He sums that as of now everything going to be great too.

Awhile Jharana states as of now what going to happen great as their own marriage has already being deferred. She’s speaking furthermore however Parmeet informs her to calm down & advises that she could talk with Virat thereafter as he’s already ill & needs rest.

She afterwards looks in Heer & states that in case Heer is as of now persuaded that Virat was cured, she must leave.

Preeto smiles & before leaving states that God must heal Virat & his own families mind too & go far from there. Virat informs the nurse to call Heer.

The nurse reports him that there is no 1 outdoor & everybody is gone.

Virat states she can’t go & in case she’s gone, she’ll return with a card & flower. Afterwards Heer arrives the room. Virat smiles.

Heer imparts him flowers & cards. Virat informs Heer that he has been toasting when he’d an crash & he believes heads should have come.

He requests her to see the coin. Heer goes to the crash website & notices the coin. & locates that only heads had come & gets stunned.

Gurminder comes there & informs her whether she’s confident in God’s call as of now. She sums whether she believes that God, Virat & she herself wants the same.

Heer states she doesn’t need anything like this. & requests her to repatriate the coin to Virat. Jharana is also there & hears everything & states that she’ll marry Virat in any cost.

Jharana goes & informs this thing to the family (4) members of Virat & states that they’ll have to accomplish something shortly.

Afterwards they go to Heer’s home. They tell Heer that they wants Virat to make Virat marry Jharana after three days, in that they want Heer’s support. Heer states what kinda support.

Furthermore, Virat requests for the nurse’s support to meet Heer. The nurse states just how she could support.

Virat informs her the schedule. Awhile Heer is speaking to Soumya & informs just how Virat has come to really know the importance of love however, it’s late as of now. Afterwards some of the letters come from her window & fall in her room, that Virat is throwing with the support of a boy.

& within the letter it states I love you. Heer is taken aback.

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